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    Music [w/c 25th April] This Week in Music

    To try and spur on discussion a little bit here, wanted to start a weekly music thread to see what people have been listening to in the last week, as well as including any big music news Prince died last week which led me to picking up 1999 and the best of prince. Incredibly talented musician...
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    You just lost the game

    suck it
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    Have you ever met anyone "Offline"

    I've been to various meetups over the years and met a couple dozen people that I've known online before off. This has in term solidified friendships and made for more offline meetups With the possibility of meeting another, has anyone else had any positive / negative experiences with meeting...
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    PC Specs [Dec 2015]

    Hey all Fancy sharing you're PC specs? Do it in this thread! Feel free to post images of your rigs and the insides as well as any upgrades you are looking to make in the near future. My Current Specs: EZCool A200D Basic Case Intel Core i5 3570K Processor Akasa Nero 3 Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler...
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    September Desktop Screenshots!

    Here we go! Yet another month has gone by. What bizarre things do you all have on your desktop this month? Here's mine! -
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    Solved [Screw is now Loose] Can't get a screw loose

    I'm currently in the middle of replacing the hard drive in my laptop and I've reached a problem. 1/4 screws attaching the old hard drive to the tray is stuck and I cannot get it to budge. I am using the correct screwdriver as the other three came loose with ease. The screw head refuses to turn...
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    Childhood Gaming - Your Favourite Games

    Okay so is pretty simple. Choose two games that you played during your childhood in the following format and we'll see who has what in common Favourite Game: Rachet and Clank (Franchise - I can't decide between the games that were released on PS2) Console: PS2 Most Hours Played (Est.): Star...
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    (Console) Game Collections!

    Specify the console your collections are for, and then attach a picture (or two) of your collection! I'll start with my PS2 collection, and will later take a picture of my collection for Wii PS2: - -
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    Confirmed Last FM BETA Preview available to all users

    Okay so this is like my favourite website in the world, and after about 7 years they are finally making some UI changes. (See below) What do you guys think of it? As a long time user of last fm I'm welcoming the new theme as it is much more update with more modern web design. All you need to do...
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    How has technology effected the UK election?

    Media has had made a huge impact on the election, particularly online as cults such as the "millifandom" But I saw this tweet earlier and I wonder what your guys' thoughts are on how social media has effected people's...
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    Music Last FM Group

    Thought I'd start a last fm group for the people that use it. Should give off some fun stats every now and then of what we like to listen to. I set up the group so that any member can accept another user into the group, so feel free to approve other people if they're part of the Duncs Web...
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    Steam selling mods

    So steam have begun to allow mod developers to sell their mods through steam. What do you guys think of all of this? Article:
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    "The Button"

    What started as an april fools joke has turned into somewhat of a cult on reddit, similar to that of the helix vs dome of twitch plays pokemon. My question to this forum, where do you guys stand? Are you a non presser or a filthy presser? Myself, I am a clean non-presser Subreddit...
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    Web Design Advice

    (I think this counts as help and advice since that it what I am seeking - feel free to move elsewhere if there is somewhere more appropriate) I have recently come to terms with CSS and have sat around designing a website for my band. I would very much appreciate feedback on the current design...
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    What Pulse Randomly Crashing

    This only started happening to me when I started using What Pulse 2.0 and I can't seem to find a fix for it anywhere. It seems to after a period of time crash in the background without notifying me so I'm not exactly sure what the trigger for it is. Anyone else had the same problem and solved it?
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    "Inside Cameron's Kitchen"

    For those outside of the UK, this is David Cameron our current prime minister and leader of the Tory political party.
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    What Does F.lux Do?

    Ok so I'm trying out flux for the first time tonight. What exactly does it do? I thought it would dim the screen but it appears to have gone a shade of orange. CC: @kidguru @mobilephone2003
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    Downloads Folder

    So I only have 25GB left on my 1TB (primary) hard drive. I decided to do some digging and found this. Without deleting anything, how big are your guys' downloads folders?
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    Favourite Pizza Chain/Pizza

    So continuing with the theme of food, what are people's favourite pizza chains and their favourite pizza to order from them. For me, it has to be the dominos meateor with bacon and cheese stuffed crust :D
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    Guys, my e-mails are broke