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  1. thedigi321

    what specs is the Ryzen 7 1800x graphics capabilities

    Hello guys, I have a Ryzen 7 1800x cpu, and an amd R9 380x. I am considering on using the built in motherboard DVI port for the graphics, but I'm not sure what i would be gaining/losing. My motherboard's back plate says "VR ready" but I'm not sure how that can be if it is built in graphics. I...
  2. thedigi321

    Net neutrality ending, do other places need to worry?

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you all have worried about the net neutrality ending, I think you all are from outside the United States correct? I have heard some people say that it's really only a US issue, but I sort of view it as an everyone issue, at least coming from a US citizen perspective. I...
  3. thedigi321

    What's the kind of quality should I expect?

    Hello I'm getting hyperx cloud 2s that are recertified, what kind of quality can I expect coming from my Logitech g430s?
  4. thedigi321

    problems with a computer i think it is a driver issue with gfx card

    hello i have a computer that was built with the help of the community of this forum and i am having an issue with the graphics card and i think it is a driver issue. i have an AMD 380x that has had no issues for a good 8 months but recently when i run a game like cs:go or Team Fortress 2 the...
  5. thedigi321

    a website that never came to be....

    hello i had a website that i coded shoots and poops, i never bother finishing it becuase it was about linux and after year being with linux i chose to go back to windows here is the html file written in a poorly code mess if memory serves...
  6. thedigi321

    making connections from a film theory about space to real life

    hello recently i have watched a video by "The Film theorist" aka mat pat, and the title was luke shouldn't destroy the death star....and a point was made that to build something as massive as the death star you would need a galaxy's worth of metal and resources, and destroying the death star...
  7. thedigi321

    (with poll) how does everyone feel about VR such as the vive? and when will you want to get it?

    I am wondering how everyone feels about virtual reality, i personally think i will be waiting a year or two to get something like the HTC Vive to see how the technology develops.
  8. thedigi321

    looking for an ssd for gaming but i am a little clueless on what to buy size wise

    hello every one i am looking for an ssd to increase the speed of loading times on my computer but i am clueless on what size to get and what is a good middle ground for price and performance. i see on my computer right now 1tb ssd for $343.01 by samsung on new egg...
  9. thedigi321

    How will you spend New Years(nothing dirty :P)

    how will you spend new years? i hope you will have friends and family near by. :D happy early new years
  10. thedigi321

    SALE Sandisk Ultra Plus 64gb Microsdxc Class 10 Uhs-1 Memory Card SanDisk Ultra PLUS microSDXC looked for an micro sd card and found this, seems legit but the price is only 26 dollars, also it claims to be sold by sandisk
  11. thedigi321

    is ANY nvidia bundleware that comes with the drivers necessary?

    i am calling the package deal of nvidia's drivers with like the Geforce experience, PhsyicsX and other such other software a bundleware even though I am sure that is not right word or even a word at all but is it REALLY needed? i am asking because my system as crashed 3 times with a dxgmms.sys...
  12. thedigi321

    i have a hard drive from around 2007... any ideas on what i could do with it?

    i have an old hard drive that i am assuming never has been used it was in an old like dvr tuner. It is a Seagate 150 Gigabyte. i have some ideas like making my own recorder with openelec and an RPI2, but i wanted to know what else it could be used for i really do not want to destroy it to make a...
  13. thedigi321

    are laws behind on things in youtube/ "fair use"?

    i am wondering about things like copyright and fair use i hear from some people on youtube that copyright laws are behind the times as with most computer things, a video i am thinking about is when a women had her little kid dancing to what i think was a big artist, and a copyright claim was...
  14. thedigi321

    i have a bitcoin miner, and rarely use it. is there anything i can do with it?

    i have a bitcoin miner that is virtually useless because by the time it pays for itself, it will use a lot more energy than it is worth. is there anything practical i can do with the miner, other than it be a worthless paperweight? i thought it was a good investment...i was wrong. it is an...
  15. thedigi321

    wireless mouse on new windows on a new computer

    so the Desktop build went great after a few hiccups, but now i am having trouble with the mouse, the best way i can describe it is the mouse is disconnecting kind of like there is interference or that the mouse turns off, i have had this problem before on my laptop and i had to disable something...
  16. thedigi321

    when is it more acceptable to "test" paid software such as games?

    i have been wondering this for quiet some time when can ahem testing software be alright? like i had to test GTA: SA because my computer was too new so i had to alter files and configs to make it work, if i didn't i could have paid for a game i couldn't have used due to its age, sure there is...
  17. thedigi321

    building PC advice on the motherboard

    @MP2003 hey everyone(esp Duncan because he is awesome) I am building my first PC for gaming the guide i am altering is however the Asus A78M-E mother board on the site where I am making a virtual build for compatibly is not listed on price however I found something similar (in my eyes) by...
  18. thedigi321

    Confirmed apple introduces a carrier-free iPhone upgrade plan i found this on twitter but is it REALLY a good deal? i mean iPhone are almost always making changes and releasing new upgrades so buy the time you pay off the iPhone 6s, you see a new iphone 7 or even iPhone 8
  19. thedigi321

    weird WiMAX Network Adapter and internet messing up

    ok so about a day ago my internet started acting up, i just went in Device Manager and saw a weird device on "Other Devices" upon looking at it, it is not digitally signed and as no drivers attached to it(IE a driver to make it run) but my Intel(R) Centrino(R) wireless-N 6150 will kick off every...
  20. thedigi321

    advice for school majors

    the trouble is i don't know exactly what to learn that could be beneficial later in life right now i have some intro to computers and computational thinking courses that i have done. this year is mainly core subjects like writing, sociology, etc. but i am mainly undecided on where to go from...