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    "Corrupted" VHD Recovery

    I was about to run my Windows XP VM in VirtualBox, but an error showed up saying it can't start the VM due the VHD was corrupted. I've searched tons of solutions on Google, used a lot of tools, but none of them worked except for WinImage. WinImage read the VHD fine, extracted some files and...
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    Chrome using less memory???

    I'm a little bit pissed about chrome lagging up the computer, always eats up memory like crazy! - And I'm a little bit curious, can Chrome run without using a lot of memory. P.S. Is this possible - When Chrome launch, Windows Explorer hangs, and the only thing that can fix is closing Chrome...
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    .exe a solution in Visual Studio?

    I've made a bunch of projects/solutions in VIsual Studio but I can't compile it into an executable program (.exe for short). How can I make it into an .exe file?
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    Woah! Did not see that one coming.

    Windows XP won't update because of the end of service (until somebody had a hack that can download updates until 2019?), but my XP virtual machine just update and Avast warned me this. - Good thing that the anti-virus works today because the licence is about to expire. Note: Don't try to ask...
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    What should I do with this old computer hardware?

    We have this old computer case filled with (you already know because you've read the title) hardware. There pretty much old parts like an AMD Duron 1300 CPU, a Biostar M7VKQ Motherboard, and a Maxtor 20 GB Hard drive and an old floppy and CD drive. So what should I do with them?
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    Micro SD Card won't format...

    I found a 128 MB Micro SD Card in my pocket, I tried to format the memory card but this shows up. - After I gave up formatting the memory card, I open up Disk Management and this is what it looks like. (Don't mind the other drives) - What should I do?
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    How does your website look with 16 colors

    I recently installed Windows 98 SE in VirtualBox and apparently the display was only displaying (lol) 16 color and it was boring, after the internet was set up correctly I browsed for stuff and going to my blog and everything was soo weird (because my blog has a bunch of photos) and I was...