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    Making a site (need help)

    Hey, Before I start I hope I posted this in the right place Okay Im thinking of making a site for web-design but I need what would be the first thing you look at when going into these type of site sould I keep it simple , or relly simple what are the things i sould inc. and what not to inc. ;)...
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    Look I would relly like if you did this one this Sign up there I sign up to your one .. Please I want to see if it works
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    Need help sooo badly

    Hi guys I really want to get my portal up and running but the thing is I don't no were to start. I have look at the instructions and cant make any scene of them could some please just explain them out to me in English or tell me a really easy was to do this it would mean so much (please don't...
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    How to pass wires rca...

    Hi, Okay so I got creative 5.1 surround sound and I want to use it with my xbox 360. But I cant because theres no input on the sub woofer for rca phono wire (There the white and red wires that give sound). But there is a 3 wires that come out of the sub woofer a (pink,Black and Green) Is there...
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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

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    disc's that are RW dont work HELP

    Ok I bought a disc that is re writable but the disc wont work I can't format it and every time I try I get a error message saying unable to format I have tried formatting memory stick too and I cant I have the right CD-DRIVE (don't no if I have the right driver but were do I get drives) NEED HELP
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    Make vista lite ???

    Is there a program that lets you make the vista os lite.  By lite i mean take all the crapy software off it well thats what i think make a system lite.  Also if you do no how please post the files to delete thanks nathan
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    pc to mac once again. This time software

    Is there any software like the ones build into mac such as spotlight ,  Dashboard and so on.....  In no they are kind of on the p.c already but don't good.  also how do i get the search icon on the task bar like spotlight I have see it done thanks Nathan
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    Photoshop pictures

    Hi LOVE the forums.  So for my first post im posting thing i have made in photoshop tell me what you think if you want something made contact me ;) also i lost all the psd errrr so sorry I cant give you it. BTW in no way am i trying to advertise ANY site just some things I had lying around.  And...