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    Image Editors

    i used to use gimp. before you had to pay for it now i use photoshop and firealpaca which is basically a free paint tool sai
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    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    sometimes i do but I also drink tea ~
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    What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

    minecraft arting Sleeping
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    club penguin

    club penguin <3 Rest in piece i miss it.
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    Pokémon Go

    ive been playing it on and off since it came out. I'm on team Valor
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    Any recommended Steam Games :D

    Ori and the blind forest Never alone Skyrim The Forest Undertale To the moon A bird story ABZ
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    What are you watching right now

    a Centaurs life
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    How Would You Describe Pikachu?

    Cute yellow mouserat thing
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    What is your favorite video games of all time

    Spyro, SKyrim, minecraft
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    This or That?

    ds. skype or discord
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    I'm back

    Welcome back!
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    🎧 What song cant you get out of your head?

    Butterfly by
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    Can you solve a Rubik's cube?

    ive gotten close to solving one once 1524356923 ive gotten close to solving one once
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    Last film watched?

    Kiki's delivery service
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    What Was The First Computer You Ever Used?

    i dont remember the first comuter was but i know it had windows xp on it
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    📸 Minecraft Pics/Screenshots/Andventures

    old picture but was fun way back when
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    Word Association Game

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    What do you think is the best invention ever made

    watermelon line venom
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    What Came First?

    depends on what you think an egg could of came first and then a chicken mutated from a dinosaur or something. gradually the animal would of became what we have a chicken now
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    Most hated subject?

    I didn't hate any class i had persay mainly they were overall enjoyable but i disliked the teacher for geometry who always yelled at me for crocheting in class.