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    Last person to post wins!

    title says it all. Adminz plz do not cheat by locking :P I WIN!
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    Quote from Basically, you make your nation, and you run it. The main part of the game is teaming up with other players who have their own nation, and making an alliance. So what im thinking is we get a bunch of people from mob3 together, which is already a great community...
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    89o's intro clips

    Hi, This is a thread where you can request intro video clips for your videos. Il do my best, and get to your requests as soon as possible :D Also, whoever had messaged me about making them a video clip, please either re message me or post here, because I forgot your name :D sorry app for...
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    Cool Intro vid clips

    Just some vid clips I made for myself, Ive got another which I will upload later. (all are works in progress) I like the bottom better a little more. Wut u guys think I should add to make betteR?
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    Guess who will post next

    Hmmmmm... Duncan!
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    Ban the person who posted last!

    Someone ban me, and give a reason. then some1 ban the person who banned me etc.
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    How to find your Hardware info

    Just thought I would put this here for the people who were confused when trying to find their system specs. I use Everest home edition. It gives you lots of detailed information into your computer's hardware, drivers etc. Heres a place you can download it...
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    HD Desktop Wallpaper

    I found this website a while ago, lots of good desktop wallpapers with no stupid watermarks etc.