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    Tom Hicks to sell football club

    Did'nt hear that, all I know is that they were going to buy Kaka for £250 million and he would be on £500,000 a week a man city
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    Do you like darts?

    Hmm.. do you live in the county Sussex.
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    Youtube Ads

    Well they do need to make money, That's why google brought them for billions.
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    Do you call football, Football or Soccer

    I can't stand the word soccer the proper word is football hence the name federal international football association or FIFA
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    Tom Hicks to sell football club

    Tom Hicks is in talks with Kuwait Billionaire Nasser Al-Kharafi for selling Liverpool Football Club for an estimated £600 Million ($1.5 Billion), The American owner Tom Hicks is under heavy fire from Liverpool FC supporters for failing to build the new 90,000 stadium he promised because he...
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    Obama is officially the president

    I also feel that the United Kingdom has a great influence over the world and I to am glad Obama won
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    Obama is officially the president

    lol that was quite funny but I'm glad he won even though I'm Britsh and don't really care about the usa, he will make a fine leader.
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    Obama is officially the president

    Obama is officially the president, it was aired at 4 pm United Kingdom time on BBC. It was the second most watched leader taking oath behind  the coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II which was watched by 2.5 billion and the inauguration of Barack Obama was watched by 900 million. He is now in...
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    Is it true that in the United States of America you have to pay to go to collage? cause if so then haha in the United kingdom we have it free!!
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    It's football not Soccer
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    Where do you live

    Sorry forgot about our yankee cousins from across the pond
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    How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Finish?

    Re: How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Fini 49 days 03:29:38 16728 songs 67.91 GB But I put Most of them on a memory stick to save space
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    Your Favourite Song Of All Time

    All you need is love - The Beatles I'm still standing - Sir Elton John Shine, This could be the greatest day and Rule the world - Take That Killer Queen and Don't stop me now - Queen Amazing Grace- Il Dilvo River of Dreams - Billy Joel You make it real for me - James Morrison The young Ones...
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    What Are Your Top 5 Songs Of ALL Time?

    All you need is love - The Beatles Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen The Young Ones - Sir Cliff Richard It's Not Unusual - Sir Tom Jones I'm still standing - Sir Elton John CBE
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    British or american music

    Which do you prefer I prefer British Music, as we have given The Beatles, Leona Lewis, Elton John, Duffy, Take That and all the other classics While the only american musician I've ever heard is britney spears
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    This is for UK people

    Eastenders is actually quiet good apart form the Christmas specials when everyone dies or summin stupid like that.
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    Where do you live

    South West for me
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    whats your favorite comedy

    Al Murray's happy hour, South park, Little Britain and Little Britain USA, Harry and Paul, Catherine Tate show, mock of the week, IT crowd, my family, Lenny Henry show, Only fools and horse's, keeping up appearances, two pints of larger and a packet of crisps, coming of age, Gavin and stacey and...
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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

    Re: ok just count and try to get 100000 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
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    The never ending game!