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    Hello Again.

    Oh well. I can remember you :)
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    Hello Again.

    Woot. User number 92. Anyway, might decide to be active this time :P
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    Hello Again.

    I was here for quite a while. More or less the beginning of mob3. Anybody remember me?
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    Timesaver: Web-Browsing

    There is a piece of Javascript code that you can put on your bookmarks bar on firefox, safari, any browser that supports JavaScript. Call the bookmark something like 'Search Site'. Then, copy and paste the code below and put it as the address or location...
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    mob3 Social Network.

    Thanks Jimmie, try and get more members please.
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    mob3 Social Network.

    Hasn't been very active due to: Lack of members.
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    My Skinned Desktop

    It's only for Vista as far as I know, sorry Reece.
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    Pizza Hut Now Pasta Hut?

    They have a poll on their site saying should we change out name to 'Pasta Hut' Vote NO!
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    My Skinned Desktop

    Okey Dokey.
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    How long you on a computer?

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    Congratulations. But I will own you soon enough.
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    Quotes of all time!

    Famous last words: 'What does that button do?'
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    My WebBrowser (not a rapidshare link)

    Now, i'm 10 and I have proof: and you're supposedly 9, proof? Then we can be the young ones of the forum.
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    Guess who will post next

    Ha, wrong. [Duncan] will post next.
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    Thanks guys. I just made this for a bit more advertising. Whipped it up in photoshop in like 3 minutes.
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    Random image I made for our social network.
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    mob3 Social Network.

    Yay Geeks :D
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    My Skinned Desktop

    I have mac cursors already. And find a tutorial on how to set a custom theme.
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    I voted for Vista and 'Leporad' Vista Is my current OS but I'm saving up for an iMac. But soon, snow leopard :D
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    Mac theme for vista?

    I posted it on my 'My Skinned Desktop' Thread in the customisation/skinning section. There's a link in a post on the thread.