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  1. illage2

    February Desktop Thread

    That time again. Here is my Mac Desktop: - I'll get my Windows Desktop uploaded at a later time.
  2. illage2

    October Desktop Thread

    Well its time of the month again time to get posting our desktops. Here is my Mac Book Air desktop. - Here is my Windows Desktop -
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    Will VR / AR be a gimmick?

    It seems to me that things like the occulus rift will be nothing more than a gimmick. Lets look at the PS VR. It costs around the same price as the PS4 console and as it stands its a big ivestment for something that might not even take off and thus we'll have a lack of content for it...
  4. illage2

    Dark theme for Windows 10

    This is pretty cool a hidden dark theme in Windows 10 that can be enabled via registry hack.
  5. illage2

    Windows 10 Expeirence - Final release version.

    Here are my expereinces with Windows 10 so far. Installation The installation took forever. I used the Media Creation Tool to upgrade as I wasn't getting the upgrade notification despite resvering my upgrade weeks in advance. However it was fairly straight forward was simply a waiting...
  6. illage2

    April Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Now that April is upon us its time to share our desktops once more. Here's my linux Desktop from my Laptop. - Dock: Docky Theme: Numix (Yes I paid for it) Icons: Numix Circle I'm also using compiz but obviously you won't notice it in the screenshot. I choose to use Xubuntu because I'm not...
  7. illage2

    Key Resellers and what they mean for you.

    Posted this in /r/pcmasterrace yesterday and thought it'd be a good idea to post it here too. I won't add the full guide here because its a pretty long post. Key Resellers and what they mean for you. It covers the gray market key resellers and why they should be avoided. Plus I added a few...
  8. illage2

    Best webhost?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering which webhost I should use. I recently cancelled webhosting on my blog and I was thinking about starting up a new wordpress blog on another webhost. Can anyone recommend a good webhost?
  9. illage2

    Wireless chargers not really wireless?

    I don't think these so called "Wireless" chargers are actually wireless. To me they seem like a way to avoid plugging in a wire direcrtly to your phone, but they still need to be plugged into an electrical outlet, meaning they are not wireless. Also another problem what if your battery is dead...
  10. illage2

    Useless Windows Software.

    After reading this post I thought it'd be somewhat fun to list all of the most pointless and useless windows software. I'll start. Software: Launch8 - Why it's useless: A dock for the start screen which hardly anyone uses. Considering all the icons are easily accessible to begin with there's...
  11. illage2

    Free Software Archive.

    Hey wasn't there a massive post on Free Software on the old Mob3 forum? I think we should being it back. I haven't got time to add loads to this list so you guys will have to keep adding Web Browsers FireFox - [ ] Google Chrome - [...
  12. illage2

    Playthrough of The Order: 1886 is only 5 hours long.

    There's already been a lot of controversy surrounding the playtime of the upcoming game "The Order: 1886" . Recently there has been a full playthrough leaked on YouTube suggesting that the game is only 5 hours long...
  13. illage2

    How do I change the colour of my name?

    I got an email saying we can use crdits to change the colour of our names on the forum and I was wondering how I do that. I noticed Adam Duce has an orange name as opposed to a red one like everyone else. -
  14. illage2

    Someone got Duncrolled!

    Anyone remember this?
  15. illage2

    Anyone remember Friendfeed?

    Does anyone remember friendfeed? Doesn't seem like it's had any updates for a long time.
  16. illage2

    Enable 60fps YouTube videos on FireFox

    Step One Go to and enable the HTML5 player. Step 2 Go to about:config Right click > New > Boolean "media.mediasource.ignore_codecs" > Set it to true. Then make sure media.mediasource.enabled is set to true. Step 3 If it has worked then all boxes on the YouTube...
  17. illage2

    Eurogamer Drops review scores. Hats off to Eurogamer for this. Dropping review scores is something I've wanted to see for a long time, as too many publishers (I think we know which publishers) rely on metacritic too much and as a result a lot of...
  18. illage2

    Twitch Streamer gives emotional response after being SWAT'ed.

    I feel really bad for this guy. He got swatted, and police were pointing guns at his entire family. No matter what someone has done to you there's no reason to swat people. You could get someone...
  19. illage2

    Teen shoots classmate and then takes selfie with the victim.

    So apprently Seflie's will the be the new thing for people to hate after reading this. Its one of those things which makes me question our existence. What do you all think?