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    Computer History?

    Oh, thank you. That has put my mind at ease. I did scan it with Ad-Aware before I gave it to him, would take clean some traces?
  2. J

    Computer History?

    I recently gave my friend an old computer that I wasn't using. However, I've since realized that I didn't reboot it before he took it. I am slightly worried that he could find my data on there, especially Internet history. (No, nothing naughty) I'm talking about passwords and Bank codes etc...
  3. J

    how many computers are in ur house?

    3. My laptop, my Mum's laptop and a desktop.  ;D
  4. J

    How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Finish?

    iTunes: 183 Songs - 11:01:51 - 737mb Currently adding more though.  :angel:
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    Thanks for the advice. However, I am still encountering the same problem. On both my computers. There is nothing wrong with my account as my website is still running fine, and I can still update it via the file manager on the actual hosting website, but it's extremely limiting. This is such a...
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    Response: 530 Login authentication failed Error: Could not connect to server I have the correct password. I don't understand at all.
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    For some reason, FileZilla will not allow me to log in. I've been having to update my website via my host's file manager, which is very limiting. Any ideas on why it won't let me in? I fill in my details and when I click connect I get an error message. All my details are correct seeing as...
  8. J

    In-game Advertising in The Sims 3

    It was announced today that EA are going to include in-game advertising into the new game, The Sims 3. Now before you give your opinion, let me just clear up a few things. These adverts will not be pop-ups, flashing messages or anything that interrupt your game play in any way, shape or form...
  9. J

    Which Continent Are You?

    Well I'm from the UK and don't class myself as being in Europe. We don't use Euros either.
  10. J

    Which Continent Are You?

    Something along those lines..............
  11. J

    Fast Food or 'Real food'?

    Fast food is very addictive and naughty, but you cannot beat real food.  :angel:
  12. J

    Where are you from?

    South, UK!  ;D
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    Which Continent Are You?

    You missed out the UK too.
  14. J

    Japan is welcoming the fastest internet connection!

    And I'm still on 1mb...  ::)
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    Favourite Season

    That doesn't really make sense. I meant I wouldn't put my heating on in the Winter, not Summer.
  16. J

    Favourite Season

    I wouldn't even put my heating on in Winter, it's so expensive.
  17. J

    smokers to face sick images on ciggy packs

    Re: somkers to face sick images on ciggy packs I'm all for the idea. I know some might disagree with me and say each to his own, but some people don't actually understand the realistic effects smoking has on them. I knew someone who had to live out his last few years on a breathing machine...
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    Windows Live Messenger 2009

    I have now uninstalled the BETA. It just has too many bugs for now. But thank you for reminding me about MSN Messenger. I went to the website and realised how much more simpler it is. Windows Live Messenger is such a hog on RAM, I've gone back to MSN, which is just easy and simple to use...
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    Spore Lawsuit

    Actually, there is going to be a lot of happy people. No one is happy about the DRM software being installed with Spore. So many people are having problems with it. And only giving us 3 installs? That is pathetic... The pirates went out and cracked this game just to get back at EA.
  20. J

    Spore Lawsuit

    EA are being sued as the DRM that comes with Spore, is breaking 2 California laws. "Secretly installed to the command and control center of the computer (Ring 0, or the Kernel), and surreptitiously operated, overseeing function and operation on the computer, preventing the computer from...