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  1. Dombev (BETA Keys!)

    Hey guys, I have 10 BETA Keys available for First 10 people ask get them! WebNotes is a service were you can create virtual sticky notes and have them floating around in your web browser, using a bookmark toolbar. I received a question from JDH and I have cleared up the...
  2. Dombev

    Recovery Disk - ISO?

    I dont think this will work anyway. I have recovery discs for my PC, if I was to create ISO Images of them. I do not have the Windows XP CD installation. I would like to use the recovery disk ISO Images onto my virtual machine I know how to create an ISO Image using ISO Recorder How would this...
  3. Dombev

    Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers! I do not recommend

    Hey guys, I have installed the Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers. The volume works fine however my main volume levels have to be reduced as low as possible and my speakers volume is medium. I have a low distortion noise coming from my speakers when no audio is being played. Also when I turn of my...
  4. Dombev

    mob3 Arcade?

    Hey, I just thought of an idea I know forums like vbulletin are able to integrate an Arcade into their forum Mob3 leaderboards on classic games like Space Invaders, Pacman etc would be great I think it would add more fun into the mob3 community. The mob3 gaming on Trackmania and OpenArena is fun...
  5. Dombev

    Backup your registry! Watch this before editing

    There are alot of registry tweaking tutorials on Youtube! Ive came across loads which I have used to tweak my computer for example - performance, usability etc. Please, PLEASE, Backup your Registry before doing any of this! Just follow the tutorial and if while editing something goes wrong you...
  6. Dombev

    Internet Explorer - Flash Games and videos on your desktop!

    Hey guys. This video tutorial shows you how to embed flash games and videos into a HTML document, which you can use as a shortcut and example - the game will load in Internet Explorer I hope this is useful! Thanks.
  7. Dombev

    Internet Explorer - Enable SWF (Flash)

    When you are using Internet Explorer 7, you cannot watch SWF in full screen mode. My video tutorial will show you how to watch or play SWF in full screen mode Hope it helps IE Users, Dom
  8. Dombev

    Create and download screensavers?

    Hey guys, I am interested in finding screensavers to download, do you know any popular websites which would start me off? Also I would like to be able to create screensavers using freeware software Thanks
  9. Dombev

    Windows XP Home - ISO Image

    Hey there, Does anybody know where I can download a Windows XP Home ISO Image. I would love to install XP into my virtual machine so I can test stuff out. However my manufacturer did not provide me with the XP Home installation discs and installed the software on my hard drive. I have contacted...
  10. Dombev

    How to find out whats taking up your disk space Thanks, hope it helps
  11. Dombev

    Firefox Preloader - what do you think?

    Hey guys, Im not sure if Firefox Preloader has been updated recently, but I came across this application today. It says on the tin thats its supposed to speed up load time when you load Firefox, when you switch on your PC. Many FF3 users have said that load time is very slow and is about 5...