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    pc in a car

    Wow, amazing. Ima steal his car now. Where does he live?
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    How do I use SlanXP 2 in Vista?

    I have Vista Home Premium and every time I try to use SlanXP, it makes it look really weird and transparent. Does anyone know how to make SlanXP look like it would look in XP? I just found how to install SlanXP 3 on Vista...
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    Japan is welcoming the fastest internet connection!

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    Sidebar + Widgets Question

    Does anyone know what sidebar that is? Or how to get the gadgets? And how do you get gadgets on the thing where "start" is?
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    Vista Display Problems

    The sidebar problem is fixed. I just had to delete one of the gadgets. But Mcafee still isn't working. I tried getting AVG and scanned my whole computer for viruses, but still doesn't work. Please help.
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    Vista Display Problems

    A few days ago something happened to my Vista sidebar and Mcafee, and now I can't see any of the sidebar gadgets or Mcafee: Btw, the second Mcafee window is the CD install thing. Everything else works fine, and how it's supposed to. Only those 2 programs don't work. Does anyone know what my...
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    Dock icons. Opinions?

    Re: Dock icons Woah, those are awesome man.
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    How people view Americans

    I wasn't born in America but I live here now. I think Americans are awesome and most of them aren't fat.
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    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 – 1 Billion and Counting

    I'm really looking forward to Windows 7, 8 and 9 =)
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    What browser do u like best?

    FireFox 3.0.1 but it stated crashing a lot, and I can't get it back up for like 2min+ Anyone know the problem? It can't be my computer because it's really fast, and has 8 GB of ram.
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    How to Speed Up and Clean Your PC

    1. TuneUp Utilities 2008 (You can get registered version for free on Youtube)    -Go to Free Up Disk Space, and clean Unnecessary files and backups 41.61GB = record? 2. Ccleaner    -Registry clean    -Click on tools and uninstall anything you don't need.
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    help with website please!

    Awesome website, looks professional.
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    xp vs vista vs linux ........( WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST )

    I like Vista. So far only 1 program I know didn't work on Vista, that worked on XP. And games run the same, and don't crash. Don't know what everyone is complaining about.
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    Post your Highest CCleaner Stats

    The most I get is like 5MB since I use it almost everyday.
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    I've watched how many YouTube Videos?!

    About 12,000  :laugh:
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    Epic/Lmao Pictures Thread

    OH NO!   ;D :laugh:  :D :)
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    Hacker wins US extradition delay

    I heard something about this before...
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    whats your favorite comedy

    George Lopez, SpongeBob and that guy ->  :-[
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    Whose your favorite superhero

    The Superman from Smallville XD they aren't the same right? or same character but different people? NVM!!! BOTH!
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    What music are you into right now ? :D!

    THIS! ;D ;D ;D :laugh: :D :)