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    Linux Mint Vs. Ubuntu

    Audio is very low, I don't know why but it must have happened in the conversion process Linux Mint Download Page
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    Configuring RecordmyDesktop The popping you hear is my crap microphone I was using
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    Adding Themes to the Avant window Navigator here's the link to the where you can search for themes.
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    Customizing your Ubuntu Desktop Using Linux Mint, But same applies to Ubuntu
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    Make Windows Vista More Compatible

    This is a pretty basic tutorial, helped me out many times though! ;D Check out my Youtube channel!
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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Gameplay Montage

    Something I put together in my free-time, I hope you enjoy it
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    SmartClose This is a great program that is able to close all open applications(also hidden ones)and services to allow you to take advantage of your system's power SmartClose---Download I...
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    Customize iTunes with Skins Where to get started (This is one of my older videos)
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    Upload a Custom Background Image to Your YouTube Channel Blank template Image Editor I Used (This is one of my older videos)
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    Make a cool intro/music video *NO SOFTWARE NEEDED* To convert Flv files to .avi
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    Add Entries to the Send-To Menu Make moving files easier Check out my channel!
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    The Best Website to get Free Sound Effects
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    Knights of the Old Republic 2

    This is a game I just recently bought, been playing it a while and the game is phenomenal.  Probably the best Star Wars game I've played yet. If your looking for a new game and your in to star wars, you should consider buying this.  I bought it for pc...
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    Games I will buy this Fall

    Response to SamueltehG33ks video: