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  1. Jman610

    XP to Mac

    Here is the bricopack that I used to change my XP to look like a mac. Just go to this website then click downloads in the menubar on the left Then click downloads in the navigation bar on the left. Then click shellpacks Then click Leopard XP Then scroll down 'till...
  2. Jman610


    Wow... I just installed Kubuntu with Wubi... and I am impressed. Wubi installed it very smoothly and very quickly as well. I like Ubuntu, but when I booted up Kubuntu I was in love. There is so much eye candy on Kubuntu, it's not even funny. It has a nice light blue wallpaper, with a sleek black...
  3. Jman610

    how do you like my "Mac"?

    I am using the Leopard XP 1.0 Bricopack  ;D
  4. Jman610

    Favorite Sport?

    Anyone play any sports?