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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    This is my PC desktop (Messy but oh well) This is my desktop on my Acer Aspire one
  2. K

    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    At the moment : (i delete them once i've completed them) Fallout 3 Spore CS1.6, CS:S, DODS, DOD Mafia thats about it =D
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    Happy Halloween!

    I don't really like Halloween if I'm honest. Halloween parties are alright but i hate trick or treaters. I usually say trick when they ask, they have nothing to say because they expect you to hand over chocolate or summat.
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    Donations - The mob3 Money Pot

    Free hosts tend to go down too often. is always down and even ftp'in to it is a pain in the arse. Paid will give you a greater reliability, also if you have a problem they are more likely to reply back faster because you are a paying customer.
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    Moving mob3 to ""

    Yeah go for it. If you are getting a better service with the new host of then it defiantly worth it.  =D
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    Have you made the switch to Windows Vista?

    I haven't yet and I'm not sure if I will. I've used Vista a couple of times and it seems alright, but I haven't used it to see problems with it but I have heard of problems from my friends who use Vista.
  7. K

    Can you touch type?

    Yeah I can sort of do it.
  8. K

    Hypercam or Camstudio?

    cam studio has always seemed to work really well for me.
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    Youtube or metacafe

    I use YouTube and Revver. Revver is good because you can make money from video views, sort of like being a partner on youtube. Only it has less accounts and videos so you unlikely to make alot of money.
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    new pupils to stay in school till 18

    So now they have to stay until they're in year 12. It's sort of a good idea, but 6th form usually weeds out the idiots and usually people who want to learn go to 6th form, but now its gonna be full of idiots clogging up the class room so the teacher will end up teaching individual people less...
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    Duncan wants to close his Youtube Channel?

    Haha this is the best topic on here. It goes to prove his point.
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    What do you think of mob3 (& Duncan?)

    Duncan's great, alot of the software and things Duncan's demonstrated I've used. The Thunderbird calendar add-on is a great one and will make my life so much simpler for things like uni coursework. The sites wicked as well =P   
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    Post what your doing at this moment

    I can't believe i still don't start uni for another 2 weeks =D and loads of people are already back. I'm contemplating filming a short animation today.
  14. K

    Netbook or Laptop?

    netbook i think as i would most likely use it to just go on the net or writing ona work processor
  15. K

    What camera do you have?

    do they still make the GL1 the GL2 is the successor. the gl2 and xm2 are the same anyway just xm2 is pal and gl2 is ntsc
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    What Nationality are you?

  17. K

    Google Chrome - What Is Your Opinion?

    It's a good browser, i'd say i need to use it a bit more, to give a better answer.
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    home many computers are in your house?

    2 PCs and 1 laptop
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    Big Brother win for Rachel Rice

    Did you know they save 3.2tb of data a day from the house, and that's saved onto a 32tb harddrive, which means they have to delete 3.2 tb of data a day also
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    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    i dont drink anything before i go to uni, i'll usually have a pint of Guinness at lunch though =D