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    Should Hackers And Virus Writers Get Long Prison Sentences?

    They should throw away the key!!
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    You Tube goes HD Widescreen

    Youtube videos can now be shown in HD widescreen. This is one I have done. Click HD and watch in full screen.The video was rendered using Sony Vegas Pro Enjoy
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    Ubuntu 8.10 beta using recordmydesktop

    Just a short clip showing Ubuntu 8.10 Beta using recordmydesktop. Considering the computer has an onboard Gforce 6150 graphics chip Ubuntu handled full screen capture with ease.
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    Vista Ubuntu and XP Speed Test

    I did a speed test on 3 computers showing the geekbench scores
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    Ubuntu 8.1 Release in 14 Days

    The new version of Ubuntu is to be released in 14 days. A beta version is available from Just look at the effects omg.
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    Art Genious

    Check out this guy. This is brilliant
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    Should you be able to back up your DVD's for personal use

    I think you should be able to. You are allowed to back up music but not films. It seems the few are spoiling it for the many
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    Microsoft On the March

    Big things are going to happen soon. Messenger 9, beta versions of Movie Maker Picture Gallery, a new hotmail layout. There is also a new software release for Xbox 360 in the next few weeks and finally windows 7 beta to be released in November for anyone to test. Check out...
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    Internet On Mobile Phones

    Does anyone here actually use browse the internet on their mobile phones. To me the screen size just makes it too restrictive. Even the Iphone has no flash support
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    iTunes 8

    iTunes 8 has been released. You now have a genius bar that picks suitable songs from the ITunes store to accompany what you are listening to. Good marketing ploy there then!! Also there is a new grid view. Download link is:
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    COD 4 New updates

    There is a rumour that COD 4 might get some new game modes, eg Hardcore Headquarters.
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    Is Vista worth the money?

    Do you feel that Vista is overpriced especially as in the USA it is almost half the price we pay here. That goes for Office 2007 too
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    Picasa 3

    Google is releasing a new version of Picasa 3 For starters, there's a brand-new feature called "name tags" in Picasa Web Albums that helps you quickly label all the people in your photos, so you can organize and share your photos based on who's in the picture. Name tags uses advanced technology...
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    Do You Back Up Your data

    I hope everyone says yes especially their photos
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    Gmail With Attitude

    Here is how my Gmail Looks... Firefox with the stylish add on using Gmail Redesigned By Global Design
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    Sorry couldnt help myself ;D
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    What size, make and how many monitors do you use

    2 HannsG 19" Monitors at work and 2 19" Samsung Monitors at home
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    New Board Section

    Could we have a section for Microsoft Office. There is alot to cover there and may encourage more users to the forum as there are alot of questions being asked out there ranging from Word to VBA in Access
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    MOB3 Hits Number 1 on google search

    Well done Duncan. Key in Mob3 in google and the forum hits number 1 spot. Go and have a few pints You deserve it!!
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    PDF Viewer

    I use it Foxit Reader. Its simple fast and free. I find the latest versions of Adobe Reader are slow to use and constantly updating.