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    AVG + Avast fails.

    I've had no problems at all with avast, i got rid of Mcafee for it after it failed to detect a virus and I've used it on all my computers since
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    whats your anti-spyware/malware/etc

    Anyone install that zone alarm pro they were giving away? what do you think of it if you did?
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    Opera users who like status update social network sites

    Hey people been awhile since my last post :( but today i came across an article about Opera and how to simultaneously update most major social networking sites, these include Twitter, facebook and myspace amongst a few. I'm going to link it but if any of you crazy beans want me to copy it all...
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    Opera 9.62

    nice, i tried chrome out the other day just for giggles, it was ok, but not as fast as opera i found. i'm sticking with opera for a long time :)
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    Opera 9.62

    it was upgraded, glad to see your still using it my opera buddy
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    Music Playback Software

    Winamp ;D
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    2000! Posts

    Congrats man
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    Thank You MOB3

    Agreed, an Epic dp is what it is (Y)
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    Thank You MOB3

    oh klkl, well its quality, and unlucky about the comp trouble, hope it gets sorted out soon man btw, i to am an essex lad :) i'm from Witham
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    Forum Milestones

    this is quality, no stopping us now, next stop the WORLD!!! mwahahahahahahahhaaha
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    Would You Like To See A Complete Forum Change?

    nowt wrong with this, stay as it is  ;D
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    Thank You MOB3

    where did you find it? and whats up with your comp?
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    Give me your honest opinion.

    truely a great song mate, had it my head all week, proper epic tune
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    Thank You MOB3

    LOL it's been beaten many-a-time, even Duncan has speed tests to prove it on one of his videos
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    Thank You MOB3

    man i am digging the DP, nice one  ;D did you make it?