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    I'm Leaving This Forum

    It would not be the same, that's for sure. I must say, very funny. First reply :)
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    Time Playing Runescape Total

    I'm at 2 years :)
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    Runescpe Level

    Don't forget to post What Level You are!
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    Do You Like Trance Music?

    There are so many types it is hard to
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    I hear this a lot, but they are imposable to compare to one another; anyways, I played both and got bored lol.
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    gta 4 on p.c??

    You can play GTA 4 on the computer, thanks to teh Russians, there is a version on The Pirate Bay that allows you to do so, sure it has some bugs, but it is free :)
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    EA/Maxis to introduce Securirom licensing system for its games

    It is insane, they are helping what they are trying to hurt. Score one for the Pirates lol :)
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    I have never played the game myself, but from what I have heard it isn't worth it. If you would like to try it for free, you could download a file from The Pirate Bay like from here I personally use the site a lot, the choice is up to you...
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    Whats the most epic gaming match you've ever played

    I was owning on Americas Army for like an entire day. Then played like a noob for the rest of the week lol.
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    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    America's Army Grand Theft auto: San Andreas Cities XL Nascar Sim Racing Simcity 4 Deluxe The Sims 3 Track Mania Nations Forever And many other that I can't list at the moment lol. ;)
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    Changes to Registration (More Spam)

    I'd rather the e-mail sign up than have spammers on the forum, I Fully agree and It's a good idea.
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    Usinging The Forum at School

    My school doesn't block this site so i'm verey happy with that and so this is awasome, I'm typing this from school.
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    What Is Your Favourite Music Player?

    Windows Media Player at the moment but I'm thinking of switching.
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    Having problems with my Network card (if anyone could help, that would be great)

    I have had problems with my computer and had to recover my computer to it's factory default, no big deal right? Horribly wrong I am afraid to tell you, I have a vista machine and because of the recovery had problems with my Internet card and now i can't connect to the Internet, I have called HP...