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    Hello again..

    Hi guys, I doubt some of you guys might remember me but I used to be somewhat active on the mob3 days and I used to play alot of the duncsweb minecraft server before the towny days. I'm currently at university studying computing. There are so many familiar faces here, it will be great to talk...
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    Thank you duncan

    Thank you duncan
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    Which Mobile Chat Apps Do You Use?

    On my mobile I use normal texting as my standard way of messaging but I have friends who don't live in the UK so for them I use Kik which is a great alternative. On my laptop I mainly use skype for calls but when I'm in a group with lots of people I find it better and much more fun to be in a...
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    This or That?

    Red grapes Outlook or Gmail?
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    This or That?

    Playstation Paperbacks or E-books?
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    This or That?

    Vine Windows or linux?
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    This or That?

    Milk Chocolate Android or iOS?
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    Share your Photography!

    Good photos, The two I showed were from old compact camera but now its kind've broken so I use my S2 to take photos. I'm hoping to get an DSLR by christmas.
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    Share your Photography!

    Hey people, As I haven't seen a thread about photography yet I thought I might start one. If you're a photographers I would love to see what kind of photos you usually take. Heres my deviantart page: Heres a few of my photos:
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    PC Indie Game Spotlight: Prison Architect

    I agree with that statement that the price is too high for early access. I mainly bought it on impluse than anything else as it seems like an really good game, but now I look back I kind've regret buying it at that price also with the bugs that are included.
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    1 Bitcoin is currently worth around $500

    and years ago I was telling myself bitcoins will become worthless.
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    Count to 1000 Thread

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    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm into deutsch musik so I'm listening to Whatever - Cro
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    PC Indie Game Spotlight: Prison Architect

    I bought this game a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it, I enjoyed slowly creating prison blocks to house my prisoners I made my prison very organised. But due to being Alpha I found the game to have some significant bugs that had sometimes ruined my gameplay. If you like Theme hospital I'd...
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    Switch of Platform

    Just like karajjamjar I was abit confused why the forum changed and I couldn't log in. But this forum looks much better I can't wait for the community to expand!