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    Does Anyone Play Combat Arms?

    My bro does, looks 2000 ish, (the age)
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    Who's Got The New Windows 7?

    me, ultimate!
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    Operating system??

    can you guess? BOTH
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    Unreal Tournament

    brill old game
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    My Mousetrap Animation

    pc: yum, fresh mouse!
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    Non Stop Questions?

    do you even like peanut butter?
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    Funny Credit Crunch video

    agreed lol who peed in my credit crunch TM ceral? 2sec best part
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    You think your school sucks? Check this Schools in the Kuwait!! Must see !!

    id stay were i am, poor teenagers  someone shound give em money!
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    Robot ....

    i want one :P
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    The Most Pointless Website ever

    wrong place
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    If you watch this 100 times you will still laugh!!!

    get the facon kick sound then it would be funner
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    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    CSS GARRYMOD TF2 TRACKMAINA SMB CHESS whoops caps :-X hearts pinball and more!
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    Vista or 7?

    same  also, there should of been a poll also vista is more hungry for food, LOL
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    Do You Enjoy The DuncsWeb Chatroom

    yes it but time to say bye to my mob3 chat rember adam? *sigh*
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    Im Back!

    yay! good to have you back