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    what do you think about these computer specs ?

    I dont think thats worth 500. I built mine with better spec for much less. And yeah, you need a 64 bit os otherwise quater of your ram is pointless.
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    How to pass wires rca...

    I guess you will have you will have to work out which one is the sub, which is left channel and which is right. And just plug the left and right channel in. I don't know whether you can share the cub between them
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    Differences between XP and Vista?

    Well the drivers are pretty simple to find. Most stuff should have them or the original ones will work. Check the drivers exist before you use vista. All xp software will work on vista, just like ME software works on xp. And there is additional software that just vista can take, like Vista...
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    PC World's Marketing

    And thats why you make your own computer
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    Does this look like a Mac?

    Wow, thats amaizing.
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    My New XP :D

    Nice, however i hate cluttered desktops lol.
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    I like this one, but if you type in on google images Assassins creed and set the image size to extra large then you get loads.
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    Need help with internet signal.

    That happened with me. I used something like this to make it work. It looks a bit weird though.
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    How Do You Use Your Laptop Mouse?

    Tap the pad if im not using a proper mouse.
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    Differences between XP and Vista?

    I installed vista the other week. And there arn't many differences. It just feels better. I think that if your system can take it then its a great os.
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    Making easy money online

    If they are too good to be true, then 99% of the time they are
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    Maximising Video With Two Monitors

    I can with something but when im using iplayer or 4od you cant drag the size bigger or smaller, you can only maximise.
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    Maximising Video With Two Monitors

    Hi guys, I am using two computer screens and when I'm watching a video I maximise it on one screen. And what I want to do is carry on using the other screen, but whenever I click on the other screen it unmaximises the video on the other screen. Is there a way around this? I use vista. Thanks Tom
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    How to confuse an idiot

    The video doesnt work
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    can we have downlaod links to the songs ??

    what songs?