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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    I too would like to know. I suspect Rainmeter, though I haven't seen a skin like that before.
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    Online Maps

    Google Maps for me. I use Google Earth a lot too.
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Wallpaper looks better than the screen shot shows.
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    What Anti-Virus do you use?

    I haven't actually used an anti-virus for a long time. I do have Malwarebytes installed but rarely use it. Just when I'm suspicious. I got sick of having an anti-virus installed using around 5 processes hogging memory and never finding anything. 
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    Re: GoogChrome I don't think anything could block ads as well as Adblock Plus. Saying that, I've read on lifehacker that extensions are on the way for Chrome. So keep an eye out for those. There is this; But...
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    Safari 4 beta my thoughts

    Oh good. It's been a while since I used it. I wasn't sure. I try different browsers every now and then. But always come back to Firefox. Right now I'm playing with Opera. It really does seem faster than all the rest, but I'll have to try Safari 4 for myself.
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    Windows Vista Experience Index Score Thread

    Integrated graphics. >:(
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    Safari 4 beta my thoughts

    You guys do know about 'TraceMonkey' in Minefield? Last time I checked it wasn't enabled by default, but it increases speed even more.