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    EXPLICIT What is the worst way to die?

    Perhaps my worst fear is to pass suddenly and unexpectedly, with not a single soul around. To be enjoying my day, waiting for my family to come home, and come under a quick sickness that takes me by surprise and leaves me wondering if I am indeed about to die- if I will never see my loved ones...
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Show us your builds

    Here you go you buffoons. For the archives.
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    What Time Do You Sleep?

    11:00 to 7:30 for me. Works perfectly with my morning schedule and gives me plenty of time to wind down in the evening.
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    1.8 Combat Request

    1.8 combat is no longer balanced with mobs or weapon damage. I also prefer current combat, because it requires that you use strategy over maximizing clicks per second.
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    Coke vs Pepsi

    Coca Cola, because Pepsi is quite acidic.
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    At This Current Minute Right Now, What Is Playing On Your Speakers?

    Willy Nelson- Just Breathe
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    Can You Play An Instrument?

    I myself am a gifted harmonica player. Hit me with those smooth western toons.
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    Favourite PC game?

    Zoo Tycoon 1. If you play zt 2 you're trash. The rivalry is real.
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    Best video game music.

    Portal 2. Nothing More.
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    If we're still expanding the list, Rumeysa AmberOriana CaptnJD
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    have some pirate death metal you uncultured swine
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    Once I ate a whole orange. I do not recommend it.

    Once I ate a whole orange. I do not recommend it.