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    Apple Safari for Windows .... BIG MISTAKE!

    err yes Install Oprea Files On a flash drive make a shortcut in the root folder Bobs Ur Uncle
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    Google SketchUp 7

    Yea , Its kinda like photoshop but instead you can make cool 3d graphics bbc10127 makes videos on this software
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    What Is Firmware

    Thanks iYoko (topic locked)
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    Request a Signature

    Thanks I love it can u make me an avatar with T7C as text Thanks :D
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    Windows 7 Blue Screen

    If your friends ask you "Is it possible to get a blue screen of death on windows 7?" That Awnser Will Be YES! I had got a Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 7 !!!  :o It's all because of the 3 MiFi ! My Windows 7 Wont Boot anymore I have to use my mac and windows xp (vm on mac) But I Like My Mac...
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    Windows 7 Likes to screw me over

    RC Over in : March 2010
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    Your Thoughts on OSX

    Runs Really Quick I have had no problems out of 500 i would say 499 (not enough software)
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    Family Guy

    ermm , Incorrect Seth Is Not An Idiot
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    The Mighty Boosh

    Its on BBC Three ( not all the time ) or buy the dvd and have a look at a trailer on youtube
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    Google SketchUp 7

    Ive used it before this post this software is awesome you can make great 3d graphics
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    Nine-year-old writes iPhone code

    lol I was born in 1988
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    What Is Firmware

    I know this may not be a geeky question it may be But What Is Firmware Jamie AKA The Tech One
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    Nine-year-old writes iPhone code

    i knew html basicly in 1996
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    The Mighty Boosh

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    You and n00bs ;D

    laugh and help