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    Donations - The mob3 Money Pot

    Is there any other way to donate apart from PayPal?
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    I would also agree with that now that our population levels are so high. I wasn't saying that immigration wasn't a problem earlier, although I couldn't quite see some of the leaps on logic that were being made.
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    A Multiple Desktop Application for Windows

    I use Ubuntu but I have to use XP for some specific programs, so I like it to look the same when I'm using it.
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    Request a Signature

    Lol, that one's better than mine, but crop it a bit!
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    Request a Signature

    Np, you might want to cut a bit off the bottom though, oops.
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    New (Old) Computer

    1GB RAM sticks aren't expensive at all (£20?), buy some more!
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    Request a Signature

    Here's an unblurred version: If you like it, say if you want a differant font et cetera. I was thinking it might need some blur, but not as much as in the first image.
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    Request a Signature

    Syntax-Shadow, is this okay? Sorry it's not very good, only made it quickly: Sorry about the blur, just fixing that now.
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    Simpsons or Family Guy?

    This is exactly why I feel the Simpsons is superior!
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    Did you search YouTube for any of these? Google and YouTube already have the answers to both of those questions, go and spend 5 minutes searching.
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    It's nice to say that and all, but can you prove it? Cite please.
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    Your favourite language?

    the tags are (code) and (/code) except with [ instead of (.
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    Opened up a can of worms here. Remeber the state of public services under the Tories? Horrendous. Honestly, I just see people panicing with all the global economic troubles. People aren't being realistic. They want someone to solve it all magically, they want all of the pros, with none of the...
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    Your favourite language?

    C++ because you can make uber programs!!11! Look at this one I made! #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () {   cout << "Hello Mob3 forum!!";   return 0; } Seriously, C#, C++, C