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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

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    Firefox, IE or Opera?

    Firefox FTW!!!!! But I also use IE when the pages don't work ;D
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    Who here has asthma?

    I do have asthma, but I don't use an inhaler because I don't need very much. I also have bronchitis, several allergies (10 times the maximum value), sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic tonsillitis ... I'm damn sick for the rest of my life!!!
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    Vista Glazz

    don't even try it!!! My computer looks like Win98 because of that stupid program!!!
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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

    Re: ok just count and try to get 100000 194
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    The facts game

    My nickname is Teclas FACT
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    How to change windows vista font! Using font selector

    cool! thanks man!!!
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    i was sooo bored i made a song, names duncans song

    I would sing it if it was last year that I even sang Opera but my voice changed and now I suck... ;D But you can play it with Microsoft Sam or Microsoft Anna on Vista!!! Those strange voices!!! It would be cool! This is even a forum about computers, so it would be cool! P.S.:I tested it with...
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    please post!

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    Picking a phone...

    GREAT!!! Maybe, I'll buy one too. ;D
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    Do you think this guy looks abit like Duncan?

    A bit. LoL This Thread is a bit Random, don't you think???
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    just some mob3 user stats...

    Name:  teclas Posts: 161 (1.519 per day) Position: Jr. Member Date Registered: 28 July 2008, 08:04:04 Last Active: Today at 10:02:58 Ignored by: member Not that bad :)
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    Windows Media Player or Winamp?

    I use both :\
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    Donations - The mob3 Money Pot

    £50!!!! Great!!!!
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    A cool little maze

    WTHHHH!!!!! I can't even write correctly!!! I pooped on my pants!!! LoL I screamed like a girl! DAMN!!!!