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    Do/Did you tuck in your shirt at school (High School Mostly)

    only when i want to come up to the spot extra fly
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    Image Editors is very cool
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    Desktop VS Laptop

    plan to have a more powerful desktop in the future but a laptop + bed is great
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    Do you have a virtual machine?

    only for when im looking for that silk road kind of website.
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    What is your current uptime

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    Addicted to a game ?

    binding of issac is really fun and you shoot things by crying like irl
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    Family Guy

    seth macfarlane more like seth macfarlame am i right
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    Does anyone watch Click?

    no but the adam sandler movie is great
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    What is your favourite youtube video?

    Oh, you have a gun do you?
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    Big Brother

    shoutout to the sitting ducks
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    Malcolm in the middle

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    Suggestions for a movie for the ladyfriend

    marley and me
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    Last film watched?

    jackass is a great film for the family
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    What are you watching right now

    the complete total series to fallen kingdom by captain sparklez
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    supernatural ends at season 5 and that's that.