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    🚀 Cryptocurrency: Do You Mine It? Do You Trade It?

    But how much does the cooling/running of the cards cost on a daily basis? I can't imagine the profit being above £5 a day at most?
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    Another dollar, another day.

    Another dollar, another day.
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    Merry Christmas from mob3!

    Merry Christmas everyone! So far not a bad christmas, met up with family and preparing for the best part of the day: christmas food! On another note, I did get a pet tortoise who I called Terry.
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    Expired Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free For 5 Days

    It's a really good campaign, I would definitely recommend giving it a try :relaxed: Zombies is pretty fun too but the multiplayer is very meh in my opinion, definitely not as good as Titanfall 2 or BF1.
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    Our WhatPulse Team Has Clocked 12 Years of Uptime

    Whatpulse has made me realise that I have a crippling addiction to my computer and I love it.
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    Nostalrius Legacy WoW Server Revival: Elysium

    So many things about Nostalrius rub me the wrong way. They just seem to act really petty and childish about the whole thing, especially with the things they say. That quote that you shared @Duncan is just proof of that; I remember them saying that they were going to release their source code...
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    Steam vs Facebook Gameroom? Which Will You Play?

    I really doubt this will be any competitor for Steam if it only provides Facebook Games. I think Steam and this Facebook Gameroom are targeted at different audiences as a lot of people who use Steam for their games on a regular basis most likely doesn't play Facebook games (from what I've seen...
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    Bethesda 1 Day Policy - Do You Buy Based On Reviews?

    Personally I'll look not only at reviews before buying or preordering a game but I'll look at any footage that has already been showed. I recently preordered Civ 6 after watching plenty of gameplay footage beforehand. I managed to skip the No Man's Sky hype train by simply just thinking to...
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    Blizzard Says No To Legacy Server Talk at BlizzCon

    If I recall correctly it's confirmed that Diablo 4 isn't being worked on at the moment (which is a shame) and Blizzard released Legion after Overwatch, arguably one of the best WoW expansions to date. They also bring out constant updates for Heroes of The Storm and Hearthstone (not sure about...
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    £5k/$6k Electrical Store TV Blunder: CCTV Footage

    Honestly in my opinion it seems like it was really poor placement from the shop, expensive TVs should be placed against walls if not attached to the wall if you want to avoid this kind of thing.
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    looking for an ssd for gaming but i am a little clueless on what to buy size wise

    A lot of people will put their most played games on their SSD so they get faster loading, I personally have my OS, CSGO, WoW and any other games that I'm playing a lot recently. The faster loading is really noticeable.
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    Uh-oh: Emojis Getting Their Own... Movie?

    Whelp, I think they've finally run out of ideas for movies.
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    💸 Google Opinion Rewards

    Currently at around £4 after buying the Mad Max movie for about £5, it's not bad to get a free movie or game every so often