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    Logo of the day!

    Great site! Thanks for the reference.
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    Worst games console?

    Gamecube is and was very underrated.. Great games , great graphics. Best game on that little b****** is Super Smash Brothers : D
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    Guild Wars

    Guild Wars is awesome. I've never really Roleplayed.. But the PvP is great. Defiantly worthy to buy.
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    SpyBot Search & Destroy

    This program is mandatory.... Wonderful. 5/5
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    Thoughts on warez

    Well , you only get viruses if you don't check every file your downloading. Also learning from mistakes is always a good thing. : ] If not , its very simple to remove any type of Spyware/Trojans.
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    The best thing if you have alot of Emulators or games you can buy a gamepad and play them like a console. I'm saving up for one..  Gonna be awesome.. ( Gamepad in the link )
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    Trackmania Nations Forever: What do you think of it?

    Great game. 5/5 , If you played it. You'll know what I'm talking about. Specially being free.
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    Thoughts on warez

    Well.. I believe Warez are perfectly fine. As being young with the lack of job (trying to get one) I don't have funds to pay for even little things. Having 20 dollars.. Its like this... You can get a game for free and keep it forever... And get worldly items that will benefit me.. So saying that...
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    (Question) - AT&T Motorola C168i Black

    Hello everybody , I'm getting this mobile phone in the mail sometime soon and I was wondering what website I could download themes from? So far every website that offers cellphone theme downloads don't have my phone as a selection. If anybody could help me out , that would be great. Thanks in...
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    smokers to face sick images on ciggy packs

    Re: somkers to face sick images on ciggy packs I never said it would or wouldn't work. I just said If they did that in the USA I would still smoke. As far as the idea goes I think its completely stupid. You read my post wrong sir.
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    smokers to face sick images on ciggy packs

    Re: somkers to face sick images on ciggy packs Though I am a smoker and even though this isn't going to affect me because I live in the USA.. If they put images like that on the box , I'd still smoke. Let people do what they want , everybody knows the consequences. All its going to do is piss...
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    Print Out A Poster!

    Thanks for all the positive feedback :] And nice CoD4 Poster Rob !
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    Can't See Logos W/ Custom Fonts & Colors.FireFox.

    Well.. The thing is when I set it back to default I can see logos and everything.. The main reason why I want it to have custom webpage colors is because the default really really hurts my eyes.. I just wanna find out how come I'm not seeing logos :[
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    Can't See Logos W/ Custom Fonts & Colors.FireFox.

    Hello everybody.. I have my Firefox background black with red text.. For some reason , when I goto Google or some other sites .. I can't see the website logos.. Is there anyway I could fix this? Thanks in advance. : ] Note: I have really bad OCD so this bothers me. :D
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    Frets On Fire : What's Your Thoughts?

    I give this game 3.5/5 , Is there any way you could add your own music? If so it would be a 4.5/5 Thanks in advance.