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    Our WhatPulse Team Has Clocked 12 Years of Uptime

    Ayy, this account is somehow not as old... I have no idea what I've done, haha.
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    Our WhatPulse Team Has Clocked 12 Years of Uptime

    Huh that's strange, it says I only have 36w9h3m27s of uptime yet according to WhatPule on my PC I should be in the lead: Just noticed, why am I not sam1837 :( I always sign into the wrong account on this.
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    ❌ Memories of a Minecraft Server [DuncsWeb Xtreme]

    No, that was 3 years ago?! Where has the time gone :'(. Just realized I started playing on Duncsweb 5 years ago, half a decade, I was 15. Now I have a job and a car whilst on placement year from Uni. How. Edit: Posted this from the wrong account somehow - this is sam1837.
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    I just saw you in the wild, haha...

    I just saw you in the wild, haha.
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    Merry Christmas from DuncsWeb

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Back in the day

    I just looked when I subscribed to you Dunc and it was in November 2009 when I was 13 years old... In two weeks I'm 20, do you feel old? It was the classic "Bored? 10 Fun/Weird/Funny/Cool Interactive sites" that lead me to your channel haha.
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    Downloads Folder

    - What do I win? Haha, I try to keep my C drive clean. My 3TB HDD not so much, I basically use D drive for downloads and backing a few things up. That downloads folder isn't too untidy, most of it is sorted. And it is about 5 years worth of stuff, need to go through it really.
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    Eating, Exercise, Rest, Tech - How do you keep healthy?

    2 months ago I started going to the gym, I've been going 5 times a week and doing pretty much only weights as I'm 6 foot 5 and only 185 pounds. But other than doing what every geek does (googling every possible question when you're interested in a topic) I've not been using any apps to track...
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    did everyone just stop coming on?

    I'm still around, I just check the site every now and then. I'll always follow this community, there just hasn't much been going on lately!
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    "The Button"

    Yeah, over 1 million pressers Reddit doesn't have much more than that active users, also this is Sam1837, phone just signs me into this for some reason.
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    "The Button"

    I didn't, saw it about 20 minutes after it ended, some cool stats have been posted on the Reddit blog, I have account that pressed at: 10s, 42s and a no-press account.
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    How well can you hear audio quality?

    This is pretty cool, I'm no audio expert and was only using a P11 headset, nothing fancy. But got 4/6 right and the two I got wrong wasn't really music I listen to. Here is the site, give it a go, see if you can tell the difference between uncompressed audio and MP3 files. Leave what score you...
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    Video Requests

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on windows 10 please, I've not bothered installing it myself yet, been too busy. So it'd be nice just to hear your thoughts/experience so far.
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    Duncan is awesome

    "New videos"?! You're going to start making video again? I used to love your video, I've been on Youtube for 6 years as of 9 days ago and been a sub for nearly as long. I'm excited to see you'll be back. :)
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    GTA V PC Details/Discussion

    I'm too loving it too, 25 hours played whilst doing a mountain of assignments for Uni! I want to go on it now, but I'll probably be up until some silly hour finishing this assignment. This is my first break in the last 4 hours :'(.