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    Text collor change

    Look here for your question But, anybody now where I can find white letters?
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    Text collor change

    Hello, I'm making a windows style for school, only becous it's black I want to make the text in toolbar's etc. white. I have searce whit Resource Hacker in Stringtable, but there I think I only can change letertype etc. like this 6000, "[email protected][SysMetrics]CaptionFont=Trebuchet MS, 10...
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    How to make my own XP Visual style

    Downloading stylexp and resource hacker, open your windows theme in resource hacker and edit things the are in there. I have learn it from here I only don't know how to change text collor ???
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    Choosing The mob3 Logo (VOTING HAS BEGUN)

    Simple, al are good but 5 is much better than the rest 8)
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    [mob3]trackmania team - Request for tracks

    Good topic :) I'm now making me own track, but do you now where I can find some arrows ??? Can't find them.
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    mob3 TrackMania Nations Forever Team

    Well it's not very funny to play with a sleeping Duncan ;), but is it me or are the graphics now much better?
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    Suse Linux Enterprise 10. Works very good for :) me
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    What is your default browser?

    simply Firefox 3.0.1 :)
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    Is Linux worth the effort?

    Don't know anything about ubuntu. But Suse Linux can be installed in a little hour. (I never have installed a OS 100% by me self, me father is always helping, so I don't have the problem that I have to search how to do this or that) In my village there are people who installing OS for money...
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    How Old Are You?

    I'm 17, but can't understand why someone think that you can't be on a forum under your 9th life-year. Me first contact with a computer was at me 2nd life-year*, can't remember but me father had made a video when I was clapping on the keyboard, so I was rolling I the world of computing and at my...
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    👋 Introduce Yourself

    Hey Duncan, Thanks a lot for everything you have give us. I like your video's and now I'm making me own video's for Dutch people. (sorry if my English is bad, I'm still learning the language :-[) Regards, Piet(pietje91 on youtube).
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    Do you watch the dicovery channel or animal planet

    Re: Do you watch the discovery channel or animal planet Sometimes, but National Geographic Channel every day :)
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    Whos Up For A Game Of TrackMania Nations Forever?

    Cool, I'm never gaming, but because I like your videos on YouTube, I think this can't be bad. I'm now downloading. Kind regards, Pietje.