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    How Was Your Day?

    yeah i read it all to, and i know how it feels aswel since ive recently lost a ery close friend.
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    I &heart M3

    yeah thanks owl ill do that :)
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    I &heart M3

    umm doesnt anybody like this or something because id hate to boast about it but i thought it was quite good :)
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    who is the mob3 comedian

    well it the way he does stuff and sometimes people keep repeating the same mistakes and then owl comes in and does it first time perfect. its just funny but i guess its not standup.
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    who is the mob3 comedian

    this is a topic to find out who is the funniest on mob3.. after awhile we'll tally the results and see who it is. i think the funniest person on mob3 is OwlOwl and i think its because he is very experienced with computers.
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    A week - gone...

    hope everything works out for the best. -Vitriole
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    Metro PacMan!!

    well 'metro' is a group of people like emo, gothic and such but metro's wear flurescent colours and have made a new style of dance called 'shuffling' youtube it to see what it is and the reason why its ' METRO PACMAN ' is because they are coloured flurescently.
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    I &heart M3

    can a mod move this to mob3 exclusive content, sorry for my mistake.
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    Metro PacMan!!

    ok well this is my metro pacman.. GHOST! GHOST'S! MORE GHOST'S! MORE GHOST'S THAT LOOK DIFFERENT! DINO (NOT PACMAN)! PACMAN! (and note** these are the exact dimensions for pacman, i got them from Namco myself) hope u like them.
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    I &heart M3

    well thers many of these but i made a mob3 version :) if u want one then i guess u can either have the psd or tell me the 2 letters/numbers/symbols enjoy.
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    Could you help me?

    owow i know something u might all not know its on all windows computers from the ME edition ive completly forgotten what its called but if u search youtube or something im sure u can find it coz i know its in ther and its quite good :) ill try and find the name for it..
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    Sweepy the sweeper

    well hey at least u can plan i meen somtimes people rush things but this will be good i think :)
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    lol owl although some of u wont get it owl is extremly funny and doesnt even try which is even better
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    Christmas... Lists :)

    all im getting is a new belt and two buckle's now u think thats not much but.. a. im paying for it b. its quite expensive (for a belt and 2 buckle's) note** this is on the car but mine (which ive seen) looks exactaly the same. and this is on a car to but it still looks the same
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    Ive Returned.

    thankyou, my avatar was made in photoshop but i think ill make one in fireworks..