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    Do You Think It Is Bad To Have More Then 1 Anti-Virus Running?

    Running two Anti-virus program will cause conflict when installed together inside a same system.
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    security combination...

    For an anti-spyware program, I suggest SUPERAntispyware because it has a very high detection rate. You also need a third party firewall to  protect your computer, a good free firewall will be Comodo Internet Security.
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    I love eggs!
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    Really Need Help

    Trying updating your antivirus program and do a scan in safe mode with networking. If that doesn't work, I suggest using Avira Rescue System or UBCD4Win and burn either one of them into a dvd rom. Avira Rescue System( Burn Iso image directly into dvd rom)...
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    MAJOR Anti - virus Help Needed

    I recommend Avira Antivir because it has a very high detection rate and it is also very lightweight. Avira Antivir: I also recommend SUPERAntispyware to go along with Avira because the free version of Avira does not detect spyware infections. SUPERAntispyware...
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    Urgent help! Hope this helps! :)
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    Font Effect

    Wow! Nice effect! Love it :)
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    can you dual boot windows vista and windows 7 beta ??

    Yes, it's possible.
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    Have You Seen The Blue Screen Of Death?

    Twice on a school computer.
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    Where to get more fans for desktop?

    You can go to the shop that sells computer accessories. Alternatively, you can try to move your computer to more open spaced area where sufficient air can flow into the desktop. Also, try to remove dust inside the desktop as dust can block the air vents and fans of the desktop, causing overheating.
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    Do you call football, Football or Soccer

    I called it soccer to avoid confusion with american football.
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    Any good antivirus software?

    Definitely Avira Antivir free antivirus, it has a very good detection rate and heuristics  and is also very light weight.
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    Which Antivrus is better?

    I think Avira Antivir is better. It has a high detection rate, has a very good heuristics engine and it's free.
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    I think my computer is infected

    I assumed that you have scanned yuor computer in safe mode. A good guess is that it is probably a rootkit infection. Try your luck on SUPERAntispyware. Set up SUPERAntispyware in normal mode. Do an update. Reboot to safe mode and do a scan. Remove any thing found.
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    I think my computer is infected

    You mean malwarebytes' website takes too long to respond?