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    where can i learn java online?

    You can just google "how to bla java" or "java tutorials". That's how I learned C#. :)
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    burning and taking off encryption of DVDs

    CDBurnerXP freeware is a good freeware program that will help you with burning your CDs/DVDs. Good luck!
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    Windows Service pack 3..?

    I've upgraded to SP3. Nothin' special about it.
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    filezilla question

    I dont think so... There must be some sort of authentification. You could talk to your Network administrator at your school. He might help you.
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    HD Video editing tool

    Maybe VirtualDub editing software will help you? It's free and open source.
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    Program that tells you everything about your Motherboard?

    I used Certero PC Auditor or you could try Everest.
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    WOT-Great Site Adviser

    I've also written a review of WOT - Web Of Trust on my website. Feel free to check it out. :)
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    Free software is there a way

    try for paid software offered for free or visit Freeware Software Downloads for freeware only software.
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    FruityLoops Tutorials

    I was looking for something like this too... Found something on youtube, but i don't understand what they're doing... PM if you find something good, please :)
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    C# vs. C++

    If you know some Java then learn C#. C# is almost the same as Java. Don't bother with C++; if you want to program for the .NET framework, then go with C#.
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    Your favourite language?

    C# for the win!
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    I am now an Ubuntu user

    I'm going to try Ubuntu too. You could try the WINE emulator in order to run Windows applications.
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    Sudden Windows Slowdown

    WOW InfraSound, you are SPAMMING like crazy!!  >:( Szabo or Duncan, take care if him...
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    Some Freeware Games

    haha, 2D graphics:)
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    Me pwning at css

    gr8 frags!:)