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    OSX Leopard Or Windows 7

    I am not going to cause an argument here.. but i think that Windows 7 is better.. the reason is that Macs, in my opinion are overpriced.. and also i am a PC Guy :P
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    Windows 7 Problem.. Help?

    i had this problem with my wireless adapter.. but i put it in compatibility mode and it worked fine... when it worked it actually alerted me that there was a newer peice of software for it, try searching online.... Thanks, Niall
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    Chat Room Closure

    rofl.. this is old - Idealy, someone should close it or else people will think #duncsweb is closed already heh
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    Microsoft´s new FREE Antivirus/AntiSpyware/AntiMalware - Morro

    I think it is about time Microsoft made something like this.... you would have thought they would have thought of it before..
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    Duncsweb Chat

    the duncsweb chat is an awesome place to chat.. i am always in there.... :P
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    Classic Game Downloads?

    thanks =) will try it and if it works ill get back to you =)
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    Classic Game Downloads?

    Hey mob3, My Dad (for some mad reason) misses some of the games that he had in Windows 98. One of them is Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99, i know this is an old and outdated game but it will not work for him in Windows XP and he wants it to.. Does anyone know a place where you can download this...
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    Webcam Driver Needed...

    Duncan did a video on a program called Debut, It seems to work fine with me after my webcam drivers got lost somewhere.
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    Your first ever computer

    haha.. the first ever computer I had was a Packard Bell (not sure on the model), but it was a packard bell :P It ran Windows 98 i seem to remember, it had an amazing 10GB HDD, Dialup internet and 32MB RAM (Extendible to 64MB :P). I cant remember what processor it had, i think it was an Intel...
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    IRC Chat Room Now Online

    Well it is a shame that we have no Mob3 chat room! It was great!
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    CTRL+V the last thing you've copied.

    I put it in my signiture :P
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    Guess who will post next

    nope BBC Next?
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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

    bbc iNiall95 (as opposed to iPlayer XD)