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    How do you get to school?

    Re: How to you get to school? i go walking only live 2 mins away from school
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    World of Warcraft

    i ant played wow in like 2 years maybe ill start again.
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    What is your favorite video games of all time

    call of duty 4 and world of warcraft. i also love football manger 2008
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    Stylish/Greasemoneky video

    im not sure but i think its called "inthedark"
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    the same thing happened to me it put a background in but my song went and when i pluged it in to itunes it updated the software back to the lastest one so i dont think it works.
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    How do you change the theme of xp to vista

    theres a website called try there
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    Windows XP Home - ISO Image

    well it should not be deleted then
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    when is the official version coming out?
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    Your First Computer

    mine was a gateway. had windows98 then changed it to Xp.
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    New (Old) Computer

    first you need more ram. and then try wat ever you  really what its not like your first computer.
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    What is your default browser?

    you can get it of the microsoft website.
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    Xbox 360 Ps3 or Wii

    i like the wii just because of how you control it but.
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    Windows XP vs Vista?

    i would have to say vista. just because i use it more and my very old xp machine is slow.
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    Windows Vista - Whats Your Opinion?

    the only problem ive had with it is thats its slow otherwise no blue screen nothing only thing is with a mac you dont have to tweak the settings to make it fast its always fast
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    Windows XP Home - ISO Image

    i dont understand why we cant talk about this