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    Which Company is Better? AMD or Intel?

    For me I would choose AMD I love it! There really good Intel is the second best. but for my sake AMD ftw.
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    Whats your youtube username ?
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    Desktop Microphone or Headset?

    For me I use a Desktop Microphone I wanna get a headset though...
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    Recommeneded Headset?

    Yeah, So I think i'm going to buy a new microphone but I have a desktop mic and I hate it... So I'm going to buy a good headset under about 30 bucks.. anyone no one?
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    Whos Up For A Game Of TrackMania Nations Forever?

    Well, Duncan your just a beast....
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    Anyone like WWE, or used to like WWF?

    I use to watch WWF then I stopped for about a year then started watch WWE then Now I watch TNA  I don't watch WWE much anymore because it's getting really boring.
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    Counter-Strike 1.6 Non-Steam

    I play CS 1.6 On steam very fun :D I love the game play!
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    How to UPLOAD a Forum On to ZYMIC or 000webhost

    Please I really need a tutorial for it If you can make one I love you! :-*
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    How to Download & Install New Fonts the EASY WAY!

    Thanks, I was looking on how to install them :)
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    AlienWare Themes ;)

    There Okay There are better ones on the net but. I like These ones. A++
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    mob3 YouTube Channel?

    Yeah, I would be Cool, You should make a Poll But This could get Out of Hand So Easy You need to trust certain people.
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    How to get 250mb of webspace and 100gb of traffic for free

    And you could use If you really needed. it.