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    Funny colored audio ports...

    What are all the -audio type- ports in the back of my computer for?? There is like six, I know what the green one does only, but what about orange, black,gray,blue, and pink ports for??
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    Should they bring out COD5?

    The last one was Modern Warfare...they shouldnt go back to WW2 they should make FUTURE WARFARE...right??
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    Favorite TV channel- For U.S. members

    Ye...i wish i had G4...put it recently got its channel changed from 55 to 80...i dont get channels in my room above sucks
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    MILLION POST THREAD! not counting
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    Fortunately, Unfortunately

    Unfortunately, the building caught on fire
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    2 word story game!

    ham sandwich
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    favorite movie of the summer

    I liked Hancock...i havent seen Dark Knight...i need to go sometime
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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

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    Resize Pictures

    The VSO one works great...i use it and its good for Vista...thats what I recommend
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    2 word story game!

    deep-fried with
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    Who watchs shark week

    Ive been watching it all week...i love shark week
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    Favorite TV channel- For U.S. members

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    Your Favourite Movie Of All Time

    Mine would have to be Live Free or Die Hard...its really cool...if you havent seen it you have to watch it
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    I saw a cool hack on youtube that uses IpodWizard to change the Background on your ipod...I tried it but it keeps restoring my ipod to an earlier software model and I dont have my songs/videos...i think it might be the firmware...if anyone has it me out...
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    New (Old) Computer

    Personally..I would play around on it...ya know do whatever...then sell it since ya already have one...its great to have some extra money around...and its not that great of a computer