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    School's Out! Desktop Wallpaper

    Hi All, Crikey, I haven't posted at Mob3 for a while. Well, I just broke up from school today, and decided to make a a desktop wallpaper to celebrate. The default size is 1680x1050, but if you want more sizes I will happily do it. Hope you likey, and enjoy your holidays (if you are on them yet).
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    How to learn?

    watching tutorials is the answer.
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    Solar System

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    Planet Smash!

    Damn. I specialise in Planets, but I think you have just run me out of business. That's just amazing!
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    i watched a youtube tutorial and it didnt work for please

    As far as I know it's very complex to turn your PC into a webserver. You can't just navigate to a directory!
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    Website IP Logging

    Awesome code snippets. Definately usefull code.
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    How did you learn your Programming Language?

    tutorials and books
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    Computer Jokes

    I just love all these jokes!
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    How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Finish?

    Re: How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Fini Crikey, You guys have a lot of songs. I have run out of itunes credit so I havn't bought a song in ages, so I have 305 songs, which would run for 1 day.
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    Can You Play An Instrument?

    I can confidently say, No, I am hopeless at music! I wish I could though.
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    Solar System

    First of all, thanks for the comments. I didn't use brushes, I made each of the planets myself. The vid is uploading right now, so it should be on soon.
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    Solar System

    Yes, I am obsessed with planets. So what, I love them! Here is another set of them, arranged in solar system. I filmed the making of this, you can watch it here: