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    What game do you prize most?

    Garry's Mod
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    Faulty battery perhaps, do you have it plugged in?
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    My first birthday on Mob3!

    I registered on July 28, 2008, Same Day as AjWendell and ScratchedChalk. - Not too long after Duncan who registered the day before.
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    Poor Broadband and Download Speeds

    I have orange broadband aswell, about a month ago I was having the same problem, slow download speeds for about a week, after that it was switching between fast and slow, 2 weeks later it turned back to normal. - Hope that helped.
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    Duncsweb Chat

    Duncan has recreated the chat... Chat at - If you have a client join on - Server: Channel: #duncsweb
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    Windows 7 Retail

    XP ftw, i will eventually change to Windows 7 though.
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    Trackmania United Forever - 50% OFF SALE!

    saurabhinorange, This is the full version.
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    My Horrible DualBoot Attempt...

    I hate having to reinstall everything all over again, it is very annoying and frustrating. Hope you get dualboot to work someday
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    Keep getting signed out :/

    Do your cookies get cleared on browser exit? are cookies even turned on?
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    My New Computer Mouse - What Mouse Do You Have?

    I have a salitek GM3200 laser mouse, it has weights and stuff at the bottom, fully customisable. i wouldnt get wireless.
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    ***New mob3 Membergroups***

    Wow i have quite alot to go from newbie!
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    Happy Birthday Mob3!

    Happy birthday mob3! It has helped me make many videos! PS: Where did mob3's favicon go?
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    Windows 7 Install

    i think think the minimum space needed is 10gb but i would go for 20gb and you decide how much space u need for other stuff.
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    Simple mob3 Wallpaper

    Not bad but the text would look better centered i think.
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    New Theme + Happened to MOB3 again

    The new theme is boss, but Im upset that its been hacked again. :(