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    What Games Consoles Do You Own?

    snes, n64, wii, gamecube, xbox, (SEGA)gamegear, 2 ps2, 2 psp , 2 game boy advances, 2 ds's, ps1 and if pcs , i have 4
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    Free Shout Boards!

    Hey, I realy need help! Ok, I had a C-Box on my homepage, but people where pretending to be me. So I have deleted it. If there a FREE NOT PHP SCRIPT Shout board with Name Protection! I realy need this! Thanks! Loo :D
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    Three New Wallpaper I Hope You Like Them, I Can Make Others?

    I like the Dragon One! and the 1st one, and the last one :P
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    HELP!!! RUNDLL!!

    It happens on start up!
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    HELP!!! RUNDLL!!

    Help!! This is what happens when i start up my PC!! Tell Me how to sort it!
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    My PC - Look For Yourself!!! :S

    Haha, look at my PC scan with CCleaner!   :)
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    WarRock! Come and Join In!

    WarRock! Make a Server!Tell Us Where To Join It!  Then we can have a big match!