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    Jahailyass - Strikes Again!

    Me and Duncan's videos got removed from his channel for copyright. 1 more video removed and he's suspended.  :P
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    Family Guy

    It's complete rubbish. South Park is real comedy, Family Guy is just some random, unfunny stuff made by an idiot. (Seth MacFarlane)
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    Your Favourte TV/Movie Quote???

    Same.  ;D
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    IObit Security 360 [Download]

    They completely copied their databases from Malwarebytes, they're thiefs and if Malwarebytes takes legal action they're going down.
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    Do you believe in God?

    I'm Atheist, I used to say I don't bother religious peeps but that's not true now, I can't help but get in to arguments. Also it makes me rage that some religious "missionaries" are preaching that condoms are bad to people who are DYING of AIDS in Africa, it sickens me. But to the point, I...
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    ISP networks

    AOL, but I *might* be moving to O2 soon.
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    My first birthday on Mob3!

    Congrats!  ;D
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    School Canceled?

    I find out when I get there, they never update the school website, they hardly ever cancel it anyway.  :P
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    Windows 7 vs Mac vs ubuntu 9.10

    I kinda agree with you there, I prefer Mac but it isn't a one fits all, they all work better for different people.
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    Why i hate sundays.

    I don't mind Sundays, I just sit at the computer for the whole day.  :P
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    Do you pay for your Anti Virus?

    I use free AV, GekzOverlord; this is all I have to say to your post:
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    Can I upgrade from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 RTM?

    Nope, insert the disc, reboot, boot in to the disc, wipe all existing partitions (back up stuff to online backup or to an external HDD (unplug it before wiping partitions)) and let it install.  ;)
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    broadcasting on my site

    That would be a violation of copyright, and therefore illegal.