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    What Kind of Cell Phone do you Have?

    I have a LG Rhythm the black one.
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    Black google on Internet explorer

    Also there is a website called Blackle
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    problem with laptop

    Re: help me plzzzzzzzzzzz So it just randomly logs you off and you cant remember your password to get back on it. First of all do you have a CD Burner? If you do then download an iso called Kon-Boot. Burn it on a CD and turn on your computer hit F12 or whatever your Quick Boot menu is. And you...
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    Do you pay for your Anti Virus?

    I use Avira its awesome. Still I like Avast and AVG.
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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

    555555555      3333333        55555555 5                                  3        5 5                                  3        5 5                                  3        5 555555              333333        555555           5                        3                    5            ...
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    Most Dancable Song

    LOL HAHAHA Thats an awesome song!
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    Yeah I like Basshunter remixed Bota Anna in FL Studio. Listening to I can walk on water I can fly right now.
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    Can You Play An Instrument?

    I can play Violin (11 years) Drum (2 years) Piano (1 year) Little bit of Guitar Thats about it<>
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    Your Thoughts on Linux

    I like Ubuntu Ultimate as well have it as a dual boot on my laptop with XP. But another distro that I like is Crunchbang, I like the menu system Fluxbox and using the shortcuts, what can I say Im a GEEK  ;D
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    Whats Your Favirote Operating System

    I would have to say Linux, what distro either Ubuntu or Crunchbang, I like XP for games and such even though yes technically Linux can do those things but I have a hard time with Wine and I do not like messing with it. Never really tried out Vista, not a big fan. Love Windows 7 have it on a VM.
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    On the computer that Im on right now I have on the bookmark toolbar
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    Avast + ThreatFire!

    Nice combo! I use Threatfire+Avira Personal+PC Tools Firewall Plus. I have been virus free for nearly a year now!!!
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Thats awesome! How did you get the bar on the right side with the games? If you did make it can you send it to me, that would be awesome. Thx