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    Will the Zune HD support more video formats?

    Okay thanks for the reply
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    Will the Zune HD support more video formats?

    I was just wanting to know will the new upcoming ZuneHD support more video formats? Also I hate syncing I just like to drag & drop will it support that as well?
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    Shrinking Vista C drive

    I forgot about Ubuntu's Guided partition, just slide the slider to the size I want. Okay this thread is finished.
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    Shrinking Vista C drive

    I am trying to shirk my vista drive to install Ubuntu in a dual-boot. I have removed the pagefile.sys temporarily to try and get more space I have a 250GB drive & 204GB remaining but it tells me I and only shrink it to 2.5GB. What other things can I do to shrink the OS to install Ubuntu? I like...
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    Xbox Or Ps3 - BE ONEST

    When will the elite have another price drop this year 2009? When will the so called "Jasper" processor be in the elite units, & should I wait for the new processor?
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    psp's that can have emulators install

    thanks Duncan, I found a Unopened, Sealed Fat version of the PSP for $205.00, free shipping.
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    psp's that can have emulators install

    I want to get a PSP the slim black PSP-2000, would I be able to install emulators on this version of the PSP?
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    Asus P5B upgrade Core 2 Duo to Quad-core

    Does anybody use a Asus P5B motherboard with a Quad-core processor? Tigerdirect Tv on youtube tells you can. I wonder how much more heat is generated with it? Thanks in advance.
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    Choosing Case????

    I am looking at this case, "LIAN LI PC-7B plus II Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail" Do you own it, if so how do you like it? What I'm looking for in my new case is a front intake fan that is easy to access so...
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    Full Size ATX Case w/ front access to instake fan?

    I'm looking for a Full Size ATX case. The one thing I want is to have a front intake fan that easily accessible. Anybody know who makes such a case?
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    Does the XBox 360 Elite, ever had red ring of death problems?

    I want to purchase a xbox360 elite. I heard that it doesn't have the red ring of death problem is this true? What are your options?
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    What is the best possible PCI TV Tuner

    I'm looking for a TV Tuner for my other computer. I have an avermedia PCI Express x1 card that rocks but what would be considered the best PCI TV Tuner?
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    SyncBack (syncing files - different number of files)

    When I sync my files, my source files show a different number of files then the destination. They say are synced but when I right-click, under the files number it shows different numbers, shouldn't they be the same? I'm just curious, are all my files there? Thanks for the help.
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    Windows update failure (after sp3 install)

    Well that seems to help so far. I restored before SP3 install, installed SP3 and now I'm in windows update installing updates. My question is that now since I "restored" to a earlier time, once I fix the problem to do I undo the last restoration? What does restore do, in a nut shell?
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    Windows update failure (after sp3 install)

    I have a desktop computer which had sp3 installed, successfully, it hasn't been running because I've been busy working for the past few months. Now when I start that desktop and try to update it says "files not found needed for windows update to continue." I've tried re-registering services...