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    MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player (Download is up!)

    What kind? I'm still working on it. but the next upload will be a huge update :D
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    MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player (Download is up!)

    I Know :S, but it's still in beta, Stable will be released soon :D
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    MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player (Download is up!)

    Re: MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player Sounds greate :D I'll let you know when i release a stable version :D
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    MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player (Download is up!)

    Re: MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player I don't like the C++ interface C# i'm working on but thisone is made in Visual Basic.NET :D
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    MLite Portable lite MP3 Music player (Download is up!)

    MLite is a portable small (about 500 kb) Music player. Here's a screenshot: THIS RELEASE IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS VISTA!!! Sorry >ZIP Link click here< >RAR Link click here< Any question? Email me at: [email protected] Thanks!
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    Portable Programe Extreme

    Could be done easier. Go to the property panel, and make sure the 'Anchor' within the category 'Layout' has set to 'Top,Left,Bottom,Right' or when you click it, you'll see a square, with 5 checkable rectangles in it. Make sure you checked the up, right, bottom and left one. :D
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    Backing up Windows Vista

    I Know, but this is relatively simple for the users that don't know about bootdiscs or how they work :D
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    YouTube HD(16:9) Resolution Calculator

    If you don't have framework 3.5 installed this will not load, here the download link if you want: Hope this will work ;D
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    Halo Wars Release Date

    Yeah, it's nearly time ;D Halo Wars is going to be released over a couple of weeks :D to be exactly Tuesday 3 March. Looking forward to the release ;D. More info can be found at: See you on Halo wars Multiplayer ;D
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    Backing up Windows Vista

    Ok since I've seen a couple of problems with losing the admins password, i found a trick. But you have to do this before you are planning to lose your password ;D. Steps: first read the warning under ;D Log in as Admin, go to: My Computer>LocalDrive>WINDOWS>System32 There is file called...
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    I've seen a couple of idea's here what could cause the problem. What I think the problem is: When you have a new graphics card, the software must be installed before you can use it. When you don't installed the driver for the graphics card, it isn't able to preform, so it won't output anything...
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    Administration Tools

    Seems the program is directing the wrong way to the DLL (Dynamic Link Library). I've been working with DLL's and they are pretty hard to work with, without the DLL the program won't run. Try googling "Reg Cure". This program will search in the Registry for wrong directed DLL's etc. Maybe this...
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    How to make my games less laggy?

    Hi ;D, Well in vista, you can choose from 3 options,           -Energy saving           -Balanced           -High performance Standart these are set to 'Balanced'. Maby if you set them up to High performance it won't lag. These settings can be found at: Start > Control Panel > Hardware > Energy...
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    Which is better FULL format or Using recovery disk?

    Well, a recovery disk isn't a 'New fresh start' however you don't need to format your harddrive. When you install Windows, it will automatically format the standart harddrive partition. And no it can not damage your system/HDD. ;D
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    Please Help!!!!!!!!

    Well, I'm sorry for this. i also had the 'Blue screen of Death'. i don't know what you installed to your computer, but I've the option while starting up my computer, pressing F7 to get the manufacturer's system feature. This will let me install all the drivers and wipe out all my File's in my C...