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    Recording games on XBOX/PS3

    After watching various videos of gaming channels on YouTube, it occurred to me that I may want to try out something like that for myself. I would like to know if anyone else knows an easy way to record your television whilst playing a game, i.e. Modern Warfare 2 (without using a camera on a...
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    FarmVille - Are You Addicted?

    Being addicted would definitely be an understatement. Obsession is more like it. Ha! =P Here is a screenie:
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    Yet Another Video - Duncan Singing XD!

    Thank god we have people who can sing!
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    what virus are you scared of?

    None, they can't physically do anything to me, so what's to be scared of?
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    FarmVille - Are You Addicted?

    Right now, I'm not addicted, but I have been playing. (If that makes any sense?) I am currently level 25 and I'm starting to get bored of it.
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    Jokes thread

    Post your best jokes here. Alright, I will kick us off; what's invisible and red. No apples. Haha, I love that one. P.S I'm not sure if this thread has been done before, someone just tell me and give me a link and I will post on that one and remove this one. Oh, and no racist jokes please. :D
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    Ban the person who posted last!

    Banned because what you type doesn't make sense. :P
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    Guess who will post next

    You didn't guess? Lukeyg101 next.
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    GCSE Results

    Here are mine: Mathematics: A English (first language): B French (second language): A Humanities (Literature): A Biology: B Chemistry: A Physics: A ICT: A Multimedia: A PE: A
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    my final decision

    [off-topic] Speaking of spamming... LOL.[/off-topic] saurabhingreen, I really think you need to raise your reputation here on mob3. I know that many people have criticized you on your spamming and unneeded posts, but I think if you really try hard enough, you can put your reputation back up...
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    Looks good Duncan..

    So it really is you. I have heard of you, but I have never talked to you. Great to have you back VS, can't wait to see what else you can bring to mob3
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    Call of Duty thread

    This is basically a thread to talk about Call of Duty. But since not many people post in Gaming Discussion > Paid Games part of the forum, I do no expect it to last very long. For a kick off question, has anyone pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2? I know I have and I can't wait! Watch the trailer...
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    Things that annoy everyone.

    Here is a list of things, that, I'm sure everyone can agree, annoy people. Enjoy. Noisy eaters. People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available. Women who wear jewelry that clinks and clacks and makes noise whenever they move Going through the drive...
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    Removal of my YouTube/tiwtter accounts

    Don't worry. I will always be active :)