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    Pokémon Go

    I got to Level 5; it's so awesome and can't wait for more people to play. Unfortunately, I did encounter a slight issue whilst playing Pokemon Go: -
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    Looking for recommendations for computer upgrades

    I can't really help you much without knowing what you want out of your system, i.e. is this going be a gaming machine? Also knowing how much you're willing to spend would give us something to aim towards. I presume the PC you sent with the link is what you have already and want to upgrade further.
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    (with poll) how does everyone feel about VR such as the vive? and when will you want to get it?

    The concept behind VR is pretty cool. I will probably wait a bit until the technology matures a bit further, plus it's quite an investment in some cases.
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    You just lost the game

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    I have a problem...

    Maybe I'm just ignorant, but why would spend money on an emoticon? :tonguewink::flushed: Then again, a few years back I did spend money in TF2 buying weapons, but I never spent more than a few quid. I do love the Steam market place. I think TF2 was the game I sold the most stuff; I managed to...
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    Expired [FREE GAME] Need for Speed: Most Wanted [2013]

    Cool, thanks for informing us, downloading my copy now! I've played some of the Need for Speed games, but I don't think I've ever played this one.
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    January 2016 Desktop Thread

    Pretty simple..... -
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    💯 Count to a Million Thread - Next Milestone: 2100

    1184 All I have to do on this Saturday night is play this game.... Urgh.
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    Solved firewire or usb hard drives for expanded back and file hosting?

    So you're running a file server on your Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi doesn't offer FireWire connectivity. How do propose on using FireWire? You could keep expanding your storage by continually adding more FireWire drives, but if you're daisy chaining drives, then the more drives you have...
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    💯 Count to a Million Thread - Next Milestone: 2100

    613 Progress has slowed down a tad.....