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    Does anyone know any software that can.............

    Thanx Im currently figuring out how to use audacity Any tips?
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    Does anyone know any software that can.............

    Hey everyone, I am currently trying to find any software that can do the following and would like some suggestions....... 1:A software that can import and edit a music file. I would like it to be able to 'cut' music. By this, I mean if a song is 3m long, I can cut it to only the 1st 15 seconds...
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    I hv made the switch to windows 7! :)

    HP Touchsmart Tx2 AMD Turion X2 Ultra x64 4gb ram ATI Radeon 3200HD Is that enough? When i installed it i had 2gb or Ram,but it was slow so i upgraded to 4gb. Now my index score is 3.9
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    Flip screen in windows 7

    Hi everyone I hv an HP Touchsmart Tx2 running on windows 7 RTM 7600, and i hv installed the multitouch driver packages from n trig. It's great now, but when i turn my screen into the slate mode, it doesn't automatically flip the screen for me. Is there like, any driver i need for that?
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    I hv made the switch to windows 7! :)

    No, not the RC, the full RTM i got from MSDN:)
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    I hv made the switch to windows 7! :)

    As the title says, i hv made the switch to windows 7! I have a HP touchsmart TX2 that came with a Vista, but it sucked a lot so i made a switch to xp. Sadly, there was no multi touch in xp. And now with the release of windows 7, Ive installed it, and everything's great! Mulitouch works, but not...
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    Boost your RAM with eBoostr!

    Hi everyone I found this cool piece of software in the internet called eBoostr. It's quite simple how it works. In windows Vista, there was this new cool feature called readyboost. It basically allows you to use a flash drive as RAM, but since it was vista, it didn't make much of a difference...
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    Diagnose Blue Screens?

    Hi everyone My computer keeps crashing very often with a blue screen. I hv AVG 8.5, and there has never been a virus.... Is there a way to find out what's causing bluescreens?
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    Backup of whole hard drive

    So, these back ups are bootable and would back up the whole hard drive and can restore it from bootable DVDs even though my whole OS is wiped out?
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    Backup of whole hard drive

    Hi Is there a way to back up all the contents of my hard drive, then if my windows becomes unbootable or i hv to reformat my HD, i can restore it with my backup DVDs?
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    Do you pay for your Anti Virus?

    Well, just as the title says
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    SMF Webhosting

    Hi everyone I have seen a video about creating a forum using SMF. I downloaded it, and i searched for free webhosting services, but none of them seem simple or basic enough. I am highly intrested in X10 web hosting, but it isn't available in my country. If i have to pay for webhosting, let it...
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    Your first ever computer

    Remember your first computer ever? were u excited about having one? what was the OS? what did u think of it? please post:)
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    Post ur favourite XP visual styles here please!

    The title said it. Please feel free to post any XP visual styles that you like here and also please link it to a download link. No windowblinds themes here please, just visual styles that needs XP to be patched with UXpatcher.
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    Cool Windows GUI Eye candy

    Here it is: sorry if iincluded the classic theme i think u need to patch your XP with the UXpatcher first