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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

    55555555        3333333333        777777777 5                                        3                        7 5                                        3                      7 55555555        3333333333                    7               5                          3                 ...
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    Macintosh Screen Recorder

    My dad just got a new iMac and i'm using it now. But I can't seem to find a completely free screen recorder. They all are tryouts that i have to pay for or it has "SCREENFLOW DEMO" in the video. Can anyone reccommend  some free software that can record you screen on a mac?
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    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    I have installed Crazy Arcade Kartrider However, I never play them.
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    2 word story game!

    was calling
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    iso (img) file creation

    I am trying to get windows 2.03 and downloaded a torrent and it came out as a rar file. So i opened it up and all i found was a bunch of files and no disk files(iso or img). Coul danyone show me how to compress these files in to a bootable iso or img?
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    My grandmother's pc's internet speed

    I'm posting at my grandmother's house and i ran a speed test. It's weird because I live in seoul, korea and to seoul is but to san fransisco is that means download is slower but upload is much faster to somewhere on the other side of the world! Can someone explain this?
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    Im going to be installing ubuntu

    I want to install, but my parents won't let me install anything.
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    Chat Problem

    I had that same problem. I was arguing with that dumb idiot blakkheim. He/she said that duncan abandoned the mob3 community. He was just advertising his channel.
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    Your Favorite Operating System?

    I like Mac, XP, Vista, and Ubuntu but I only tested them in VMs. I can't afford Mac so i'm saving up for it.
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    Microsoft Antivirus 2009

    Once, my PC got MS antivirus 2009 without any notice. I didn't even allowed it to be installed. So my dad took it to his college and he emptied the hard drive and reinstalled windows. It was frustrating because I was stuck with the very slow, 30-minutes-to-boot-up-and-1-hour-later-bsod desktop...
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    Try typing your name......

    hyunchoi98uii = hyunchoi98 OOH Preety good!
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got an MP4. I made a video on it on my youtube account, hyunchoi98.
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    Guess who will post next

    Yay, I win! I guess Duncan!
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    Guess who will post next

    nope. i guess hyunchoi98.
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    Would you ever buy a Mac

    When I get money from my relatives, I'm going to save it up to a MacBook. Unfortunatly, it will take a quadrillions of eons to actually to get enough money.