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    Rap Question: How much do you think the game has change?

    Ok people always saying hip hop is dead and people always saying the rap music today has change, I want everybody who likes rap to express their thought on how much the game has change
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    Can You Play An Instrument?

    im learning the piano :D Its cool :D
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    My music on youtube

    you could use windows media player but i like to use a program like vegas pro..........see how i make my songs on youtube
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    LiL Wayne

    lil wayne is the best :D i the song The Leak- Lil Twist feat. Lil Wayne
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    How To Speed Up Slow Buffering Speeds On Any Video Site

    wow good tutorial............i really need this program
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    How to speed up your PC up to 300% for free

    nice video u got there i have to try it out
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    New Laptop...What are some recommended programs from security to freeware? wudnt spybot be good?
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    Keyboard Shortcuts (The best ones!)

    nice list man
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    My Music Video (Rap)

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    My Music Video (Rap)

    ok........cant blame u for that..........but i do hav other tracks out where i be talkin about my country too........its a clean song which you could find on youtube as well
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    My Music Video (Rap)

    i kno i hav bad sound quality but that wont b a problem after i get all my gear this year
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    Telling the time.

    lol thats crazy
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    My Music Video (Rap)

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    New Laptop...What are some recommended programs from security to freeware?

    heard bout now i'll give that anti virus a try wen a get my laptop
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    Favourite Mail Client

    i was using windows mail live but i downloaded thunderbird because of the easy setup and how you can setup all types of account even the hotmail and the different add on thunderbird comes with